How to deal with dive kick?



Hello every one, I have signed up my account today. I have some questions and my english is not very good, hope you guys could understand what i am talking about.

When facing YUN and RUFUS, how to deal with the dive kick? I know that in tokido formula, tokido suggets use standing light kick to knock it donw, and of course shoryuken also defeats it. but in reality, sometimes it is hard for me to react…

and the other situation is : when YUN and RUFUS successfully dive kick in , they will either jab you several times or make another instant dive kick. The problem comes up when i am facing the second instant dive kick. Because when they dive kick in and jab me , I am tapping the light punch and light kick to tech throw. So, when the second dive kick comes out, i will act out a throw and do not block . The outcome is they dive kick in and i suffer a combo. That makes me crazy.

BY the way, what does “srks” means?

Thanks and hope someone could awnser my questions detailly.


srk means shoryuken… as in a dragonpunch or dp…

Not all divekicks are countered the same. Sometimes you just have to guess if you should be teching or trying to hit them… or blocking. It’s mostly about spacing and which version of divekick they do. Some characters have a normal that often beats the divekick clean. Go into trying mode and look for that. If you are picking between dp and throw as your counters to it then… …well don’t do that. Learn to use your normals.


What MadTitan said, and one more thing…
When in doubt, just keep blocking and eat the throw. It’s the least damaging option.


Well, I know that akuma’s cmp slk chp and even slp can beat it. but the timing is very hard to catch and if i miss it i would eat a lot of damages


There’s no real “trick” to it other than experience. You just have to get used to the ranges and times when you can anti air them and even then, it’s not possible to successfully AA 100% of the times, that’s why dive kicks are so good in the first place




You deal with dive kicks by using dive kicks.

It’s like the old saying “fight fire with fire”.

Except you’re fighting legs with feet and dives with kicks orsomeshitlikethat.


I agree your points but how to deal with the second dive kick when you are teching the throw. Indeed, what is the best input when your opponent japping you and before the second instant dive kick?


press lp lk and mp together while crouching. This way if he tries to throw you’ll get a tech, if he goes for another really low dive kick the will come out and stuff it.

Also note that you don’t have to mash crouch tech like there’s no tomorrow, do it with some kind of timing.


the problem with cr.LP LK MP is that if you abuse it, they’ll start to delay the dive kicks and it’ll catch you on your cr.MP recovery.


I really appreciate you guys suggestions. I learn a lot and I have tried the LP LK MP version. The outcome is good but sometimes just like HardcOre mentioned, the recovery problem. So , I am thinking about the LP LK HP version, cause the HP active frame is longer and is a good normal for antiair. Is it better then the MP version? And also, Is it JUMP BACK HP a good choice for Akuma?

According to the AKUMA VS (YUN AND RUFUS) MATCHUPS, Any suggestion besides what the tokido formula shows? Casue it is really tough for me.


But with lp lk hp you’ll lose if he dive kicks early (the dive kick that cr.MP beats)
There’s no 100% out of jail card. You have to guess sometimes, and see the pattern that your opponent uses.

#13 os tech is the best option IMO, if they get predictable with high dive kicks that beat you can cr.hp os tech but those are risky.

Mashing HP SRK is another option as well, specially when you have meter, a few of those will make them respect you more.


I dunno that mashing srk makes you more respected. It might make them block instead of constantly attacking you… but for every srk you land you will deal a smallish amount of dmg… and every time they block one you lose huge life.

Personally I’d rather lose until I find what works other than mashing srk… but then again if you got meter to make it safe… by all means…


That’s why I mentioned the meter to FADC out if blocked. For every time they try to bait your SRK after you hit them once, means that you affected their gameplan to your advantage (less pressure on you).

Smart mashing isn’t a bad idea at all, pretty much every single top player does it (Daigo, Mago, Eita, Infiltration, Poongko, Tokido, Uryo…etc) It’s when you mash mindlessly whenever the opponent is near you that’s considered as a scrubby tactic.


Far standing hp stuffs both Rufus and Yun’s dive kicks for 120 dmg when properly spaced.

Far standing hp also beats Rufus in the air (for jumps or jump in attacks) quite easily due to his hitbox size.

I cannot stress how awesome (and under-rated) this normal is. The catch is that it takes a bit of practice to get a feel for its utility as it is a pretty unconventional anti-air normal. It is a great zoning tool against both of these characters (and also works really well in strings VS Rufus to keep him locked down).

Note that if you land a counterhit fs.hp on a grounded opponent you can link into for 230 dmg.

Agreed re: the use of option select crouch lk+lp+mp to deal with dive kick pressure up close. It can be baited however, but its a good starting point to shrug off repeated dive kicks where your opponent isn’t thinking a couple steps ahead when it comes to your response to them.

Note that far standing light kick can also beat out Yun’s dive kicks, though placing it is very difficult as its not active for very long.

Jump back hp is also a decent option, though it can be baited by an opponent who sees you using it a lot. I believe they can exploit trip guard with EX dash punch (Yun) to catch your recovery. Try jump back lp also.

Blocking is always an option. If you have two stocks, slug out an hp SRK in response from time to time. React if it is being blocked by focus cancelling, otherwise let 'em have all three hits.


Thats awesome. I have tried all these methods in arcade and the outcome is pretty good!!! Haha!
But what does “strings” means in “strings VS RUFUS”??? Sorry for my poor English…


You probably interpreted the word “respect” in the wrong way. He meant that if you NEVER mash against a dive kick character like rufus, cammy or yun, you’re almost guaranteed to lose if they know what they’re doing. If you let them free to mindlessly pressure you without fearing a reversal it’s game over. You’re just gonna spend the whole round in blockstun or getting frame trapped.

Once in a while mashing is good, even without bars, ESPECIALLY against good players. Because good player will look out for your ex meter and they’re likely to bait you if you have FADC available. On the other hand, if you have 1 or 0 bars you’re actually more likely to land your reversal.

As Metallica already said, every top player mashed every now and then, as long as you don’t get predictable it’s ok


Ahh, sorry.

A ‘string’ is a series/group of attacks you perform on an opponent, in this case blocked attacks. So for example:, c.lp, c.lp, fs.hp

So ending a bunch of blocked crouching light attacks on Rufus with a far standing hp is a good block string to use on him. If he tries to move, the fs.hp will hit him. Note that doing a bunch of on Rufus on his wakeup isn’t a bad idea as if he wakes up with EX Messiah kick, it will hit a couple times then pass over you and whiff, allowing you to counter him.


OH, I know that, it appears in tokido formula…haha!