How to deal with grapplers?

What’s a good general strategy for dealing with grapplers? I’m liking Sakura and can hold my own against most (and when I get destroyed I know what I did wrong…) but I get completely owned by grapplers no matter what I try… It seems I always get too close to them or fail to connect a combo and they punish me with vicious holds and grabs… any mistake on my part and I’m screwed (as it should be, of course, but with grapplers it seems insane to me…)

In general you will want to play more conservatively against grapplers, as getting in close is precisely where they want you. Its best to stay just out of their grab range and keep them there using pokes and other zoning tools your character might have. Make sure to punish them whenever they do something unsafe.
To get Sakura specific information, you would best check the matchup topic in the Sakura forums.

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