How to deal with guy



I’m having trouble with it, can someone give me tips to beat it, I can not leave me your pressure, it’s character is really fast, do not know what should I use fireball over against him, do not know their weaknesses, and also do not know what should I use ultra footsies and when I start the confrontation I do not know how to play him one expert can help me? It is an unknown game for me.


Same fellings here pal hope someone help us…


have to admit this matchup is bad and no one here knows the shoryuken so nobody responds this topic Juri is terrible characters against pressure and guy is one of them.
On youtube I only see players losing to the guy with the exception of yossan, if you are a tournament recommend switch characters
I’ll post here a lot of victories the guy who saw it is a problem.





guy does not miss anything pressure infinite




Juri being beaten in the tournament


00:00 - 01:25






wanted to help but do not have anyone experienced this matchup


I actually beat elwood offline in a FT5 5:3.

MetallicMike sucks


I wanted to find an effective strategy to defeat guy, as in the 4 video an experienced player, wanted a blow to take away the pressure of him.