How to deal with jump-in?



hi all, i seem to have some difficult time with people jumping-in at me.
i tried to prevent a dudley from jumping-in by doing lots of stuff, but most of the time they just got parried. (hp shoryuken, cr.hp xx jab shoryuken, mp-> hp shoryuken, etc), every time i do that i lose like 50% life… anyone have any sugguestion on how to prevent jump-in’s? the only way that i could think of now is jumping backward ><…


Change up the timing on your anti-air’s so they come out earlier/later to screw with his timing on parrying. Or you can j.RH or j.HP (neutral or jump;ing towards) in the air.

Also, if you know he’s jumping in, space yourself so that you can try and dash under him to cross him up.


wait for your dudley’s jump-in attack then just out-prioritize him with shoryuken. If he’s just empty jumping and waiting for parries, then you can mess around with your timing to screw him up. Or you can wait for him to land then mix him up.


hp shoryuken inst always worth it. i dont use it alot cause even if you mix up the timing the risk/reward ratio is still way in favor of the person jumping in. far standing strong and far fierce are good anti-air against dudley. Standing fierce hit dudley alot cause of the angle he jumps at, and its also usually safe if parried. You can also try dashing under him when he jumps which will get you a free combo if he attacks in the air, or you can try meeting him in the air with your own jumping attack or even better an air ex tatsu. those last too option are kinda hard to do tho.


thanks for the tips. i never thought of using far fierce and didn’t know that it is safe if parried. mix timing didn’t work that well for me since dudley’s jump in is so fast, when u react, its already pretty late, and its always about the same timing when i could react and do some anti-air moves
one more question…is it worth it to try to parry dudley’s jump-in attacks?
cuz dudley can mix his timing and make huge dmg with jump-in hp/hk


yeah you dont rerally wanna try in parry his jump in, theres way too much risk for the little reward you might get


nfy123456: What you need to figure out is how he jumps in and what he does during jump in. You have to remember the position he jumps from etc etc. This might seem hard at first but it’s pretty easy.

Also the first assumption should be that if he does A the first time, he’ll do A the second time; lame assumption, I admit, but it’s your best way to go. So now assuming A you’ll counter A. Meaning that if he jumps in trying to parry, you throw/chain mixup him on the ground for example. Keep in mind that he has no frames to guard him from throws, so he’ll have to guess move or throw, he could parry throw, but you still have high low mixup in your favor, even if he’s doing well at limiting your options, there’s lots of other stuff which you can use to mindfuck him.

Now here’s the fun part: this immediately allows you to gauge your opponent, if he in fact did A the second time he’s plain dumb:P And this makes your life on countering him(not only his jumps) a lot easier.

Now say he did B, he’s not going for parry, but he’s actually attacking. Now if you notice, considering A, there’s still a way for you to counter B, which are blocking and parrying. Parry option select into ground normal/special can turn out to be really powerful, especially since people see you attempting a parry and don’t expect MP,HP chain to come out the first few times they try to jump in. Generally, when they use B, you can expect A or an C coming out the third time. If you know Dudley’s options, which I really don’t learn myself, I’m just one step late of whatever my opponent tries on me(note that the next time they try it they are royally fucked), but if you know Dudley’s options you’re likely to anticipate C, and can attempt to devise a counter to A and C and use that. And then keep repeating this until his offense is broken, and you pull the same shit on his defense.

If you do the above, you shouldn’t have too much trouble figuring out his jumps if he’s jumping relentlessly and this also allows you to use your ex-tatsu and j.HKs more effectively.