How to deal with lag?

I had my first match on Kaillera using Kawaks 1.55, and I played MVC1. I noticed that my characters was moving well after I pressed a button, and it made the game frustrating. I couldn’t even do an air combo, and I was getting hit by some BULLSHIT, that I wouldn’t get hit by playing in realtime.

Will the shit always do this or what? I can’t play if it’s always gonna be laggy. I lost to someone that Seems okay at best. I can’t have people thinking Im trash because of this lag.

What do I have to change?

…Don’t play online?
While there maybe somethings you can do to reduce the lag (i.e. turn off any P2P programs like BT, and AIM), lag is part of playing the game online. It changes the game, so take the lag into consideration if need be.
I heard Mame .61 or .60 or something was supposed to be less laggy, but hardly anyone plays on that.

depends where your playing. First thing you wanna do is play in a server close to you, the lower the ping the better generally. So don’t be playing in a server located in china for one. And i reccomend you avoid playing people with high pings. I normally won’t play someone if thier ping is over 100.

Next thing, it might be your controller/pad/stick or woteva. i know some ps2 to usb adapters have some delay on them, so your need to get yourself a good one. i use magicbox which works great for my psone namco stick.

Yep, that’s one thing people don’t understand…that the majority of the things people do online wouldn’t even work in the reality. Where do you live? If you are in the US, you should be using mame32k 0.64 and play at Anti-3d or Godweapon server. I’m not sure if kawaks has more input delay, so you should probably try mame32k…that and 99% of the people on Godweapon/anti3d use mame32k 0.64.

You deal with it by…not taking it personal when/if you get your ass beaten.

Also I guess you have to think more about what you are going to do as well as the patterns your opponent is going to catch you in. I mean I played yesterday for the first time in about 2 years on MAME, and it took me about 5-10 matches to get used to the lag, and even then I still kept getting hit with dumb shit that would NEVER get me in real life. Its all good though, I dont take it to heart when I catch a beatdown, and I hope my opponents dont get bored too easily when they bludgeon me :).

Looking at your post Emil, im wondering now, if I might need a new adapter for my ps2 controller as well…

Yeah, try Mame32k 0.64.

And never play in a server where you have over 80 ms. If you’re a west coast guy, you’re probably doomed to lag forever, because the only big servers around anymore are the east coast ones.

Remember your ping and the opponent’s ping both matter. So it doesn’t matter if you have 20 ms, if they have 120.

Never ever play while you’re downloading or uploading anything. This isn’t like most games, it will increase your ping by anywhere from 100-300 ms.
It’s laggy, but it shouldn’t be so laggy that you can’t air combo.

Eh, no one takes kaillera seriously enough to think your trash if lag apes ya.

You’d be surprised…very.

Mame 0.61 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> 0.64 in terms of input delay, but nobody uses it :frowning:

There used to be a time when all the top A3 players used to use only 0.61, but that doesn’t happen anymore apparently. And yeah, input delay is just somethng you’re going to have to get used to at first. It’s something that you never really get used to, you could play for 3 years, and randomly just get incredibly annoyed at it. It’s just somethign we’ve learnt to accept.

People are fucktards for continuing to use 0.64(or Kaillera period for that matter) in this day and age of HKaillera. Xbox Live will soon make Kaillera irrelavent anyway, so…

Community is slow to adapt to change…

I used to use Live when I played alot of Halo 2, but i canceled my sub. Now that im back into SF im thinking of buying all the Xbox Capcom Fighters on Live and renewing, but then eventually people may stop playing on the original XB as they buy 360s, and then it becomes a waste of money…thus I’m sticking with PC for my online goodies.

whats so goot about HKaillera

Supposedly less input delay…except frustratingto get working without redownloading different rom versions of the same games, among other things.

Personally I’d rather just see a switch down to 0.61 if people won’t go with H2K.
Only problem is, people think 0.64-0.61 means downgrading, but really they’re the exact same except 0.61 has less input delay.

And I doubt Xbox Live will make it obsolete.
You won’t see games like Garou or Last Blade on Xbox Live.
Nor will be probably even see ST or Alpha 3.

What Live will be good for is playing the new fighters (provided there are any).

SNK said they will bring their entire catalog to live.

That’s a pretty bold statement.
That’s a lot of games.
After seeing how they ported Garou and the LB series, I’m not so sure I’d want to pick any more from them.

first of all kawaks has the most input delay out of all the emulators do NOT use that shit…

kaillera sucks …but if u play long enough u’ll adapt to the delay just like how people used to adapt to delayed aiming on their 56k modems during the quake 1 days…

There is no way to adapt to delay when it comes to trying to counter something on reaction…unless you start taking risky guesses, but that’s stupid. I have already adapted to delay when it comes to comboing though.

Yeah the best way to deal with lag is playing accordingly, you’re not going to be able to reflexively do much of the stuff you do offline (well, some of it you will if you’ve got a stable connection and get into the flow of things, but generally I’m no where near as consistent on kaillera) so you’ll have to be more deliberate in your moves, especially in reaction to things.

This goes conversely as well, because your opponent shall also have a harder time doing things on reactio, which sometimes allows you to get away with tactics that would make you eat stuff, so as long as you aren’t predictable there is certainly some things that work that wouldn’t offline as well. I’m not advocating abusing the lag, but knowing that it hinders your opponent as well, and knowing what that may allow you to do.

As far as what you can do about the literal lag that affects the game, sadly there isn’t too much, you’ll experience it regardless of what tools you use to play the games, and more have to play with it, than find a way around it. (Playing on servers close to you with competition that lives close will lower the lag, but in now way will get rid of it entirely.)

Perhaps someday we’ll get an arcade emulator with online play that cuts out the server, and hopefully have ZSNES type latency.

I use .64 and kaillera and my ping is around 30, I Don’t lag at all and even if I do its unnoticeable. Look for a server that pings low for you , sometimes godweapon or anti-3d just wont cut it for your connection, and i’ts supposidly even worse out of the united states.