How to deal with online lag?


I played about 1000 games of mkx and guilty gear online each, but after the first few months of both games I stopped because I was getting 1 or 2 bar players every single match for weeks. I have 60 mbps wired internet and I always have 4 bars so I know it’s not me, I play on ps4. I sometimes watched streamers or videos of people playing and they always get 4 connection opponents.

I really want to practice more so I can attempt tournaments sometimes. I know people say play offline, but where I am there isn’t any community or players as far as I know. I love online play but I need to find a solution for this issue, is xbox’s connection that much better? I rarely hear any issues with them. For example I would go in mkx player match rooms and 9/10 players had 1 bar latency, same thing for guilty gear xrd.

Edit : As a side note I’ve never had any issues with mmo’s rts or shooters, and I’ve played close to 15 000 games in moba’s. I just hope there’s a solution for fighting games because I really want to keep playing them.

Have an internet connection with good ping and play people close to you with also good connections(low ping)
Don’t run streams or torrents or anything on your connection while playing netplay.

MKX has shitty netcode, there’s nothing you can do to fix it and no it’s not better on Xbox One. Only thing you can do is to play games with better netcode like KI.

I have 60mbps wired. I don’t run anything when I play, and according to pingtest I have 24ms ( i dont mind anything about ping xD )

So after all this if there’s still lag it’s the other players that have bad connection? Or is it the game itself, aka netcode? I mean like I said in gg and mkx when I go in rooms pretty much 9/10 players have 1 bar. Some people talk about tv’s aswell, I know for shooters you can reduce motion blur by turning everything off, effects and stuff in the options, but in my case does a better tv really matter, I only get input lag when people have 1 bar.

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Also avoid wifi, use a direct Ethernet connection to your router/modem

Make sure phones, tablets, streaming boxes (amazon tv) arent on your network while playing.

I had an issue where my Amazon Fire TV stick was using like 24MB download constantly for pre-downloading content, movies, shows and app updates. Same for my phone but not as much.

People mentioned port forwarding, but I don’t understand how this works even when I read about it. Some people have said that after doing, even when playing 1 bar players they have no lag online.