How to deal with personal issues? Need advice

I’m kind of embarassed to post this, but go easy on me. Anyway, I have been bullied at school quite a bit, and now that the bullies are long gone, I still sometimes feel the need to lash out at unimagined threats from people. When I am in a room full of people, i kind of get nervous and on edge like I want to lash out and attack someone, like somebody is make crude remarks about me over my shoulder and planning to set me up for something, i dunno. I tend to take people that joke around with me a bit seriously, like they are fucking with me and it makes me fucking scared. I think my sense of humor is officially gone.

I know that some SRKers can relate to me, I get paranoid alot and I never go out. I’m too scared to even get a room mate, because i’ll know i’ll have to share an apartment with one because I work for slave wages, and I have no real friends.

I looked it up online, and it sounds like I might have PTSD or something. Can anybody here help me out?

Sounds like you need to go on a sabbatical…or perhaps to a camp.

Man the Fuck Up Camp


There might be nothing wrong with you. Going through that would make anyone feel that way. It happens to the best of us.

What other people think, say and or feel about you will not pay your bills. It will not feed you. It will not cure you when your sick. Quit worrying about dumb shit. If someone says something you don’t agree with ignore them and go on about your business. No reason to get pissed and the last thing you want to do is lash out. From the sound of it you wouldn’t be able to defend yourself if you did.

A lot of people are like that. I’m like that. I don’t really like people and having a roommate sucks. The only time you want a roommate is if it’s your gf/wife, otherwise generally people aren’t meant to live together really outside of that and a few very small other situations. Rooming with Viscant was okay, but that’s because he’s pretty anti-social himself and understands his own faults (a rare trait in human beings). I also had a pretty good Asian roommate back in college, but I don’t think he liked me much.

I got bullied as a kid too. So did GSP and Mike Tyson. In fact, it would absolutely not surprise me if the majority of pro fighters got bullied as kids, because it just seems so common from people I’ve spoken to. So many people got bullied as kids, at one point or another.

Oh btw, these people that are “just joking around” and you’re “taking things too seriously”? These people…are so fucking full of shit. If you “joke around” with them the same way they go crying to mommy and whine that you are a jerk. Trust me on this one, anybody that “jokes around” with you like that is not your friend. Real friends don’t shit on each other and try to make each other feel inadequate/socially bully each other around. That is what women and pussies do because they’re not man enough to either physically challenge another person or are too scared to “lose a friendship.” Back in college I either fought or almost fought virtually everyone that wound up becoming a friend of mine. We cleared the air right away, essentially that I don’t joke around or talk shit to other people and don’t tolerate it done to me either.

Anyway you don’t have anything that isn’t curable. Usually by the time you get to college things change, and then of course the work place. You will still have to deal with office politics and other bullshit depending on your position and where you work. But generally people grow up after high school, or at least, you can find people that have. Also once people start working, generally you won’t see that much of them anyway.

Consider meditation, and read up on Eckhart tolle/Acceptance and commitment therapy…
Most people are identified with their thoughts… as in, they think THEY ARE their thoughts… they take them very literally.
you need to learn the skill of not taking your thoughts literally, and disidentifying with them… it’s like dilating your perception and basically being like oh reality is subjective, and I’m creating this reality by thinking these people are out to get me… but instead, I’m changing my frame/lens of reality and I now choose to think that people are my friend.

There are also known as “ANTs” or automatic negative thoughts… Generally, it is because we have habitual questions in our mind that lead us to see certain things… whit some introspection you can probably find out what this habitual quesiton is. Maybe something along the lines of… “Who is making fun of me?” This PRESUPPOSES people make fun of you, and you look in your environment for EVIDENCE for this BELIEF you hold… we humans naturally look for evidence of our current beliefs. instead change the habitual question/automatic negative question to “How do I know these people are my friends?”

Eat well, meditate, exercise and get enough sleep as well…

In all honesty, you MOST LIKELY do not have PTSD unless you wake up with like night terrors/cold sweats or some shit… do you get nightmares of these bullies?? if you do have PTSD, which I highly doubt, look into eye movement desensitization and EFT (emotional freedom technique… though semi pseudo-scientific, I have found it to work in my experience)

Best of luck.


Double post.

Truth… the more personal things are, the more univrsal they are… you are not alone, or weird… nothing is wrong with you.

This is pretty sick too… focus on what matters.

I’m respectfully disagreeing with this poster… it depends.
In “cooler” social circles I find people ‘test’ each other… men test each other, along w/ women tesitng each other… you have to gage with your social intuition (if you have some,) whether or not they are truly hating on you to make you feel bad or make themselves look better or is it them just being playful. If you tease them back in a playful way and they laugh it off… guys semi-tool each other, that’s how it works… If they are ‘crying’ about it… then they are pussies lol, but you can choose to be nice to them or not depending on your own values/standards…
It just depends on how it’s done, is it light and playful? or malicious?

I like the last part though… be a bit pickier who you hang out w/. When you offer enough value to the world by being a good friend, cool guy, fun, positive, etc. you have CHOICE in the friendships you can have… and you choose what you feel makes you a better person/helps in your future endeavours…

Peace and love!!!

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Assuming this is true and not a troll post: talk to a doctor. And not Dr. B: he’s too busy using Vanish, Doom, and Quick shenanigans trying to keep Mad Jim Jaspers contained to bother.