How to deal with projectile spammers as Cammy

Hey, I’m getting back into USF IV and I usually play Cammy. I’ve put in about 11 hours so far, and I seem to be doing okay except for when people spam projectiles with characters like Ryu, Gouken, or Akuma. I’m guessing the best way to deal with that is to get in close and rushdown them, but sometimes when I jump (which I know is dangerous) I get hit with a shoryuken or diagonal projectile, or if I use spiral arrow to try to hit them and don’t land the attack, that leaves me open to get punished for messing up. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you!

My Steam ID is below if anyone wants to play some Endless matches with me.

It depends on the projectile and distance. There are specific ranges where you want to jump/react to a fireball and others where you are better off with just blocking.

Gouken is frustrating to play against. In my opinion it comes down to reading what type of fireball they are going to throw. Otherwise you just get zoned out (similar to Sagat, but worse).
Ryu is pretty basic. Learn the ranges and you should be fine.
Akuma is like Ryu, but you need to factor in his half-circle back fireball. It has a delay that can throw you off if you don’t pay attention. And of course his air fireball. Those you should just block.

If you want we can go into online practice mode in USF4 and I’ll run you through some examples.
(btw what region of the world are you from?)

I’m in the US. Mountain Time zone.

Thanks for the tips. I think what annoys me is that you take some chip damage from blocking the fireballs, but if you move in, it can be easy to mess up and get hit in the process which just opens you up to further attacks.

I think the main thing I’m struggling with is that I tend to always crouch block and try to hit low. While Cammy players might need to do that more than others, it gets the point where it’s easy for people to predict my play style and they adapt to it in a way that I have trouble anticipating.

I also think I tend to focus too much on my character and not watch the other character to see what they’re doing, which results in me not noticing them starting a combo or putting themselves in a position where I won’t be able to hit them.

I’d be down to play tomorrow, maybe. Giving a speech tonight so I’m sorta preoccupied with preparing for that now.

Ways for Cammy to deal with fireballs:
*Focus Attack, dash forward (That’s one of the reasons this exists)
*Spin knuckle
*Jump Canon Strike

Neutral jump is great. It’s safer than jumping forward, but doesn’t give you as much time to move forward yourself.

Cammys easiest way to deal with fireballs is making people scared to throw them.
You can achieve this by clever meter managemeant and good reactions.

Build meter with focus backdash and L Hooligan xx L Divekick.
Depending on the fireball you can also forward dash after the focus.
Neutraljump is another good option.
Spin Knuckle is a option against long recovery fireballs, such as Akumas,Onis and Evil Ryus Shakunetsu Hadoken(the Halfcircle one)
If you have meter will EX Divekick be a major treat too, neutraljump at a good distance and Ex Divekick if they throw a fireball, watch your spacing for this.
Otherwise, EX Arrow and U1 are your main fireball counters.