How to deal with rage quitting, a guide for devs and players

Devs: when someone drops out of a match, award them a loss. It’s 2016. This shouldn’t need saying. Capcom.

Players: if you’re entertaining the thought of creating or contributing to a ragequit witch hunt list, STOP. You don’t know why the other player disconnected. INSTEAD, tell devs the above.


Capcom didn’t put this because Capcom didn’t even finished making 70% of the game yet. They released 30% of a game. No button mappings either.

Are you kidding me?

I find that surprising.

You can map buttons on the VS screen before going into character select.

Talking about the PC version. You can’t change the keybindings of the keyboard.
“Well just play on a stick”
…which the game doesn’t recognize since it’s not based on xinput.

An actual release of Street Fighter requires 3rd party programs like joy2key to play on a stick. Let that sink in.