How to deal with Random Players?



I have alot of trouble dealing with ‘‘Random Players’’ if you will. I was used to play on my local arcade before retiring from 3s for a while. When I came back to 3s and decided to play a few games on GGPO (Since my local arcade is now down) I managed to get my ass kicked pretty badly. It’s been 2 years since I haven’t touched 3s.

I’m far from being a good Gouki\Akuma player in fact I could say that I’m one of the worse. However, GGPO is kinda rough. The thing is that I’m used to play Skilled to average players who mostly knows what they are doing ex: Footsies, Option selects, Hit confirming, Knowledge of Matchups Etc. And so with being used to play those kind of players and knowing somewhat what options they have available and what they can do in most situations, I completely fail at beating players who are somewhat ‘‘Random’’ or does things that I judge to be pretty dumb or unusual for a skilled player to do. I’ve played Ryu and Urien players today on GGPO and I recall they were pretty random for the most part.

Ryu: Wakeup Short tatsu (Normal Ver.) into HP Shoryu. wakeup overhead. Random air tatsu, that beats Gouki’s air tatsu most of the time. Dash back and forth, Dash in Mk or Ex Joundan.

Urien: Wakeup Tackle, Wakeup Crouch HP, Wakeup Jump HK, Crouch MK Tackle, Aegis Reflector Mid Screen with little to no set-ups.

I know that there are such things as mix-ups in 3s and in SF in general and that each character has some sort of mix-ups at their disposal.

I know that if I’m getting caught off guard by the things that I’m referring to above, then I think the problem comes from me and not the opponent.

That saying I would appreciate if you guys could give options available to deal with those kind of players. I am aware that Gouki has alot of options as his disposal to counter ‘‘random players.’’ I would like to know some of those options if you guys has any.


Stop pressing buttons!!

First off, wakeup short tatsu, wakeup overhead, wakeup tackle, wakeup crouch hp, wakeup jump hk… all this stuff gets beat by a properly timed meaty attack.

Dash in joudan only wins when you are spamming buttons. Wait and punish.

Stop meeting air tatsu with air tatsu. Practice punishing Ryu as he lands.

The no setup aegis has me puzzled. I don’t see how this is a troubling tactic. Just sit there and wait for it to disappear.

In general you need to learn how to play defensively. Be a turtle player against random/aggressive players.


Thanks alot for the help Pherai. I was able to improve alot with just what you said. One thing that I noticed about myself is that I can’t stand being pressured and thus I keep pressing buttons. The aegis with no setup I was talking about is the midscreen aegis when urien gets to knock you down, does aegis on you and then crosses you up with his headbutt.


ah ok I understand what you’re saying here. 2 things you should learn to minimize the threat of aegis…

if aren’t hit with aegis as you fall, tech roll. remember that unless you’re hit with super for the knockdown you can tech roll and this screws up a setup like that.

once urien players are setting up their aegis properly so you cant tech roll, time to get good at your reversal teleport on wakeup. this move only works as reversal here and since you can’t piano the inputs itll be a bit tougher to nail consistently.

eventually you’ll start to see urien players throwing their aegis when you’d be buffering your reversal teleport, which at that point you’ll just have to work very hard on blocking low and reacting to his overhead.

its not uncommon for gouki players to do lots of reversals and not a lot of blocking since he has so many good reversal moves, so your problem of not just chilling out and blocking is not uncommon! i would approach some of your practice matches with the goal of getting as much damage as you can from punishing anti air (gouki has arguably the best anti air options in the game) and punishing dash ins. if you can, look up some videos of zabi gouki vs chun players, or match or nomoto vs anyone. all good examples of more defensive/conservative gouki styles.


Thanks alot for the tips against Urien players it really helped me out. I’m really somewhat of a mix between offense and defense when using Gouki so I’m not usually reversal happy with Gouki (Since he takes so much damage if he gets punished). I’ve been playing alot of mirror matches on GGPO with Gouki and I’ve noticed that most Gouki players out there are just all offense and no defense. They either parry or throw out a reversal which really get to me since I don’t really know what to do on their wakeup. I’ve also noticed that I have of bit of trouble concerning my offense as well with Gouki as I have some difficulty putting pressure on the opponent without being predictable or putting myself in a risky situation.

As for the players I’ve been watching, I’ve been mostly watching: Yuki Otoko, Jiro, Match, Nomoto, Harmonaz, Kuroda, and you of course.

Yuki Otoko is my personal favorite to be honest. He seems to have always the control of the match and has a pretty good offense and defense.