How to deal with really offensive players?


Been playing super street fighter 4 since some time last year, mainly playing as rose. The rose forum is inactive at best so I’ll just ask you guys about my problems.
How do I deal with players that constantly rush in and do blockstring after blockstring, somehow score a knockdown, do some ambiguous setup which if it hits me they score another knockdown and do it again? If I block they go straight back into blockstrings. Rose really doesn’t have a great reversal game and i’m just stuck as to what to do against these types of players and am just getting perfected.
Thanks for any help any of you guys give me!


anti air their jumps… poke them on the ground… use focus attacks/back dash a lot, you’re rose mash dat backdash. i dunno what you mean by “blockstring after blockstring” because they all have big gaps at the end…
Rose EX soul spiral has invincibility, no? you could reversal with that, although its not great.


im not an expert or anything but ive played long enough to tell you the part where you need to improve is “somehow score a knockdown,” The point is to avoid the 50/50 setup by not letting it start(Just avoid getting knocked down in the first place). If you do get knocked down, you are at a disadvantage so there isn’t really much you can do but try to deal with blocking their setup (if it’s a solid setup and not some gimmick that is).

Find holes in their offense. Rushing in is never completely safe, there’s always a way to punish someone for advancing towards you(whether they jump, dash, or use a special attack that advances them). Some characters are very good at rushing and thus the chance of you stopping them is slimmer, but it’s not impossible.

I don’t know anything about Rose so that’s as far as my advice goes. Just give some more info on your problem (Characters/specific setups that you have problems with) or post a video in the Critique my matches thread and ask this same question, im sure someone will be able to tell you what you need to do to stop the relentless offense


I’m a scrub still, but I think the number one priority is to avoid a knockdown (I’m assuming they’re sweeping you or throwing you, easiest hard knockdowns). Don’t let them jump in.


Roses backdash on wake up is really good…


Don’t let them in. You have a bunch of normals to keep people out and crouch fierce is the go to anti air. Backdash when they are in and if you have the meter EX drill is your go to reversal. After that, its up to you if you are getting baited. If you are getting baited, they are not using as much pressure as you think. Anytime you fight somebody and they bait you, you can crouch medium xx drill to back dash on block to get out. That is just super beginner stuff, but its pretty effective.


I took all your guys great advice and trained really hard all night on anti-airs, back dashing, learning the distance of my pokes etc.
Just went online and beat a pretty offensive oni with 5000BP and 2500PP in my first match!! Thank you all so much :slight_smile:


If they’re offending you, don’t play with them anymore.