How to deal with Run away / trap teams?

My current team is Charlie proj/ capcom aa/ dr doom aa. I have a real hard time vs cable based or sent teams that trap. I would start with doom, but having your assist baited out by a back jumping cable hurts. Vs sent, there is a guy who does the beam, drones rocket punch and flies and tries to stomp allll day, if my assist comes out, he’ll just drone super and kill due to meter…

I really cant get the feel for sent, cable, or mag for myself to play with. I can do storm a little bit but not that good enough to play with her.

I’m also thinking of swaping capcom for cyclops or something.

Aaah the wonders that top tiers have over the rest of the cast.

you must chase them, and see how they respond to you. You have to be Patient agianst them, when you move forward, look at what they are doing from a safe angle, in other words block alittle bit so that you get the pace of the match. Then begin starting to counter them.

^That is general philosopy of how you have to play mid/low vs tops, as far match up strats, you should develop them as you play more agianst them. I really can’t help much on how those characters really play well vs the tops


My current team is Charlie proj/ capcom aa/ dr doom aa.

Get rid of Charlie and Capcom. Pick Strider and Iron Man, these two work well with Doom AA. Strider and Doom have that annoying Ouroboros(qcf+pp) Doom assist semi-trap that chips like crazy.

What about cammy aa, guile aa, charlie proj?

To win against trap teams, you will most likely need to player higher tier characters. I’m not saying it can never be done, I love the mid-tier play alot, but youre basically shooting yourself in the foot before the match even begins with those characters against a spiral team or strider/doom etc…

My Doom is good, but I can’t get the right feel for mag, storm, (i don’t like cable) and sent is okay I guess. I can use him get get by, but i still suck with him =(, I need to fix my dreamcast. It isnt reading disk anymore.

doom and cammy are probably ur best characters.

U dont like mag and storm so i understand that but if u just suck with sent but u would still play him. then do doom/sent/cammy

u can learn sent, hes easy to be decent with, u will learn some advanced stuff later on, and his “feel” is different than mag and atorm so u will like him.

with doom do this. c.hp /\ xxx APA DHC into HSF then launch sj. lp. fast fly+ call cammy assist, lk rocket punch (Cammy hits) 100% combo

Lol i’m joking u probably can’t do that.

i see u like guile and charlie so ur probably used to those charged characters.

guiles assist is good agaisnt sent.

out of the 5 characters u mentioned that u play, theres no point in playing capcom unless ur using him as a 3rd character, but since ur not using sent, bun him, plus guile has a better assist than charlie. i would go with


spam guiles AAA against sentinels.

it would probably be better to use cammy’s AAA when not against sentinels.

it would be better to learn sentinel, but since ur dreamcast is broken, u cant really learn stuff at the arcades unless no one is there. normally u learn stuff at home then u go to the arcade and dominate.

with doom/cammy/guile ur whole team has solid assists. Plus u should be able to play defensive and use ur assists to disable the traps.

jump up and fire off some photon shots and dash photon shot, land call assist, repeat, if u see an opening go in for the kill.

This team is a pretty low tier team though so u will be working ur ass off regardless

Yeah, my main team is Guile, Charlie and Doom. Majority of the people at my arcade who rush down use Sent, Mag, Storm and sometimes use cable. I wonder if I should try to record some matches vs my built in cam on my mac book pro. :confused:

Most of my problems can be solved by using cable, but for all that, I’d use a Charlie aa, Cable aa, Sent proj team.

Also, how to get out of a stomp sent who uses some type of laggy assist like doom or ironman’s assist?

Alright, got rid of that account; what about Charlie, Rogue and Capcom? The all yellow and black team :slight_smile:

No More Charlie, No more Capcom Characters at all, excecpt for Strider, Commando and B.B. Hood. Add Sentinel(ground assist) that will help your Rogue.

stop using charlie… end of story.
if you want to be good, you’ll learn a lot more characters. Here’s a thought.

if you want to play for fun, pick who you want, and expect to lose a lot. If you want to win, you need to do what works. Don’t come here, asking us for help, and refusing to take it.

I’m looking into a replacement dreamcast once i get paid. Then I can look into Magneto/ Capcom / + ??? Learning to advanced chars @ once might be overload, so I may just use gambit.

Don’t go with magneto / capcom…

also, gambit doesn’t fit in there very well. Magneto and capcom don’t work well together, especially for a beginner, and magneto is NO beginnner character.

You really want some suggestions? Before you decide what team you want to use, you NEED to use team dynamics. Understand what characters work well together, and WHY they work well together.

For example…
Let’s take each of the top tiers, and I’ll label 2 assists, and why they’re good, as well as one assist that’s actually detrimental. I’ll try to continually mention different assists.

Cyclops - Very good anti air. Gives you a lot of time to both keep your opponent in block stun, and gives you a LOT of time to combo off of. You’re not using Magneto, so you don’t have to want an assist that lets you get an unmashable super off, so you’re safe. Plus, when you see it hit, you basically get a free hailstorm.
Sentinel - Very good for almost the entire cast. He’s good at locking down, as well as making some interesting mixups with the drones. You can get some ghetto crossups, and the hit stun on the drones is ENORMOUS
::Strider Variety: let me ask… what can you do with this assist with storm? Everything that he helps with, she can do manually. It’s unnecessary.

Capcom - Need I say anything more than damage? When going up in the air, you don’t worry about assists like Magneto / Storm projectiles, and Psylocke anti air. What you worry about is commando’s vertical dominance, and Cyclops’ optic shot. A commando basically gives you protection when you’ don’t have unfly, and deals a SHIT LOAD of damage when you’re doing rocket punch combos.
Magneto Projectile - Why? Well, you can do the same thing that you can with commando in terms of getting a ffly combo, he locks down when you’re on the ground, and get you a free HSF on the occassion, giving you time to recoup your combos.
::Cable AAA - Some people think this is a good assist, but personally, I think this assist is good for two things. 1 Getting people off your ass, and 2. Making it very difficult to combo, because he throws them off the screen, and since he hits so many times, he ruins damage.

Storm Variety- Lockdown. very similar to sentinel drones for storm, since cable controls the entire horizontal arena, you want something that will prevent them from jumping up and down, and using that to their advantage. Storm’s variety does that perfectly.
Dr. Doom AAA- Very good assist. Since cable can just jump and do an LP viper beam, your opponent is forced to block the chip damage from the rocks. Also, calling it out before an AHVB, will let you do more damage. It also locks down when you’re cornering an opponent, and somewhat blocks what cable’s doing.
::Blackheart AAA - I find it very difficult to protect black heart. You think he might do the same thing that Storm’s variety would, but in fact, he does not. Once you block it, he’s ont he screen for a pretty long time, where you can attack him. Cable, unless on the ground, can’t easily protect him, and I think it helps you lose your cable’s freedom in the match.

Psylocke AAA - perfect assist. She sets his infinite up, sets up snaps, prevents rushdown, makes an unmashable tempest possible frequently, and overall helps mag in all fields. Can’t go wrong with mag/psy
Tron Projectil - you know how mag does damage? well, why not make it so that you can do some crazy combo, set up with the tron assist, and do as much damage as a reset. It’s like getting a free reset. People are scared because they don’t want to get hit with that.
:: Cable AAA / Commando AAA: why? Well, they do damage, good, right? wrong. They make your opponent go so far away, that unless you’re in a specific situation (eg. storm to DHC to hailstorm), if one hits, then you just lose your rush, because they can regroup.

Now, good beginner teams:

Sentinel / Cable / Commando - AKA team scrub
MSS - Will get you used to using magneto without doing 99% of the work.
Storm / Cable/ Commando - Teaches you basics for each character with a decent assist.

thats where I got the idea from =/. When I get my dc, I can try psy, but for now, I can’t get the feel for her character. I can rush down or trap with capcom though.

i hope you realize that combo videos are not useful things to be worried about in matches, right? you may see something nice in a video, that’s 10000% useless in a fight.

Seriously, MSP, is NOT an easy team to get the hang of. I’d recommend working with sentinel. Getting used to him = getting used to rushing, running, and hard execution, all at the same time.

Alright, here are the top players @ my local arcade in Metarie, Louisiana.

M/IM/Sent (proj)
Dhal/IM/Sent (proj) I like this team, but i think I would use capcom instead of IM. Only one guy uses this team anyways.
Blackheart; he does the glitch allllllll day.

When I get my dreamcast off of ebay, I will have a different perspective based on the teams you posted. I’m leaning towards learning Mag, but i would have to pratice on rushing and blocking to avoid AA.

I learned backwards. I played Mag/Psy until I learned how to get Magneto self-sufficient, being able to fight by himself.

With Psylocke as an assist, it’s super easy to set up combos, wait for them to get hit and launch,, or pretty much whatever else you want. With Storm, it’s even easier – all you do is wait for them to get hit, then press a button to launch.

With that said, MSP is probably a harder team, just because it’s so frail. But Sentinel makes any team a complete team…

dude, seriosuly, listen to mixah. Do NOT try to use Mag yet. He’s rocket science compared to most of the other characters. A scrubby MSP gets raped by Sent/capcom/anybody (IMO) and that’s arguebly the best magnus team.

IMO the best way to deal with keepaway teams at a begginer level is to play a good keep away team yourself.

If you want to use some of the gods at a beginner level, there’s no better choice than team scrub. Since sentinel is good at most forms of play, he’ll give you a really good feel of the game.

Cyclops is fairly begginer friendly as well. Pair him with doom and you have what I think is the most fun keepaway combo in the game. His normals (s. RH, SJ. RH, SJ. HP) have STUPID priority and are FAST. He’s the best meter builder in the game because of these said normals.

If you don’t like doom, use Sent on ground type.

lk. lk. cyclone kick (rh version) xx into SOB, dhc into HSF, [s hp hsf] (until meter runs out) fucking HURTS and has some pretty basic damaging combo options to fool around with. There are much more effective combos than this using HSF but this is pretty begginer friendly.

Cable, like sent, is a monster in all levels of play in my eyes. I’d reccomend learning him as well.

MSP IS a pain in the ass (make one mistake and die) but I wouldn’t consider it easy at all. It has some pretty easy combo setups thansk to psy but it still requires the player to effectively mix-up, know when the rush in, protect psylocke and keep the pressure going. It’s a very advanced team imo.

doom cyke + ?

Well, I like cammy with doom and cyke, but that’s just me. If you want to add a little agression to the team while still getting the feel of how things work in Mvc2, I would honestly reccomend guile on point. Sonic hurricane is retardly easy to combo into (combos from almost every ground normal he has). Guile is a fun scrub killer and he’s really easy to use.

However, if you still want raw winning power and even more keepaway tactics, do cyke (AAA), doom(AAA), and sent(ground) with either cyke or sent on point.

with cyke on point, play keep away and stuff all rush downs with the hks. Use optic bullet to space and overall keep stuff on the screen. Get used to doing the lp gene splice to keep your opponent from coming in from the air. Mix up your projectile flow and keep them guessing. Only use MOP for chipping. SOB is much better for offense purposes. To build meter, super jump and spam HKs. Watch out for good AAA’s while doing this and you should be fine becuase this makes cyke like a giant mace in the air. Alot of characters (mag) won’t be able to beat out the sj. hk so it’s mostly safe. lp optic blast is a really good move and it super cancels into the sob.

with sent on point, don’t try any fancy stomp fly xx unfly rushdowns just yet. Just turtle and play keepaway. Use cykes AAA to keep rushers off of you (it has a large window of invincibility on startup) and use doom to flat out keep people from getting close. Simply jumping backwards, throwing HK and calling cyke kills alot of scrubby rushdowns. When you’re comfertable with the speed that cykes assist works with, start doing ghetto aircombos off of it.

with doom on point, you want to stay in the air over your opponent most of the time. throw photon shots to keep them grounded and chip. sj hp is good for keeping them out of the air with you. Photon array has instant startup making doom a good meter user and his cr lk and j. lk is his best combo starter imo. DO NOT do the rocks when playing doom on point.

Doom is best used for his assist on this team, so try to avoid having him on point. but know how to use him so when you’re forced to have him out. (and you will be, if the comp is at least half decent.)