How to deal with stand tech-ers?

i recently played people that only stand tech. got thrown many times when i was putting on some pressure. Anyone has an idea how to beat stand tech?

Use a normal that puts you just outside of grabrange then do any low attack you like. You should always be on the lookout for people that are standing instead of crouching cuz thats a free sweep.

You can also try an early cr lk, lp CU. Risky but they usually stop stand teching.
As a former boxer player I also like to just take a step back after two jabs and whiff punish anything that might be attempted (depends on match-ups though).
Also, very early in your block string, if you have meter, you can go for an EX bingo fadc.

Stand teching actually works pretty well against Cody since he doesn’t have a link-able low attack. There are ways around this however.
After landing a CU you can immidiately jump and go for an empty jump followed by cr. lk into CU. This is safe against the majority of the cast but be careful against Ibuki, Rose, Vega and other characters with far reaching 5 frame normals. If Sagat likes to stand tech just neutral jump fierce him for 300+ dmg, that’ll usually stop them from stand teching. A meaty cl. HP will also beat the stand tech but it won’t be a counter-hit. As someone mentioned, you can also use your footwork and step back to make the grab animation wiff and punish with something like cr. HP into CU.

Use frame traps with a 2 frame gap.

Yeah, like using your linkable low attack, cr LK

stand tech-er will block everything then, i want to get at least a bit of damage every time i have an opportunity

What I do with Sakura is, just walk into their throw range and then just walk out and I think Cody can xx CU the whiff throw attempt and maybe even the crouch tech whiff.

I do this vs you with Rose a lot.

I meant cr. LK into another normal, not an unsafe special like CU.

My bad. But isnt LP CU just -5 on block? That should be a decent option.

it’s not.

its a bad option since almost every character in the game can punish that

any tips with dealing with oiled up Hakan who just spam 360 grabs. Every time I jump in, whether its hit or blocked gets reversaled.

if you know they “stir” 360s into your hit/blockstun just bait them and do a say c.lp into neutral it twice and they’ll learn their lesson.

Zukuu makes a good point, or you can mix in a throw-invincible move (EX CU or EX Zonk?) in your block strings to get em to stop, but neutral jumping is more effective usually, unless its a good zangief player that looks for you to neutral jump so he can lariat xxx EX green hand =/

To deal with stand techers you need to use frame traps that have a 2 or less frame gap to discourage them from mashing stand throw. Another way to deal with it is to punish the whiff animation by walking outside their throw range (similar to Balrog). I always punish with c.HP-> xx to teach them not to mash stand throw lol.

Against grapplers the most you should do up close is a true string until you’re out of their command grab range, OCCASIONALLY going for throws just to mix it up a bit but in general you want to stay out of command grab range and keep them out.

can u recommend any particular frame trap moves?

The absolute best frame trap for this, and I think it’s one of Cody’s dirtiest mixups, is f.MP-> throw.

Mix f.MP-> throw with f.MP-> c.LK (it’s a 2 frame gap), good players will start to delay tech when they realise what’s happening and that’s when you ca use f.MP-> c.HP for some dirty damage.

f.MP is also good for baiting the stand throw since it’s +1 and allows you to walk backwards before the opponent can move. Good throw bait. I use it a lot and it should be used quite a bit since it’s so darn good lol. Also, you can delay your c.LK after f.MP to beat delay crouch techs and reversals, this is also safe from stand techs unless they happen to throw you out of your c.LK.

Ah, come on ladnopoka, I suggested 2 frame traps last week and you shot it down. cl.MP also leads to some good frame traps and true block strings (which you don’t necessarily want in your situation), since it’s +4 on block (the most frame adv on block he gets).