How to deal with T.Hawk?!


I play mainly shotokans and holy shit is T. Hawk annoying to fight. I’m only playing on Hard difficulty on a CPU and I can’t beat him consistently with Ryu or Akuma. His damage output is just too damn high while having tons of HP.

Am I really this scrubby to not be able to beat T. Hawk? Probably, but in that case what can I do to beat him? Akuma specifically, all of his moves have greater priority than his demon flip moves… even on a hard knockdown somehow (might just be my timing is off though).

He’s definitely got annoying shenanigans like his command throw. And his sweep always catches me off guard cuz it looks likes its gonna hit mid.


best to ask this in the akuma forum. theres a matchup thread there. wait didnt read the 2nd sentence. its rly not worth ur time playing the CPU on Hard. its nothing like playing a human opponent


You play Shotos and have trouble with T.Hawk?



I don’t know! Probably really bad defense. His stupid specials always catch me off guard, and then he sweeps me too. Then he command grabs me lol. And this is on a cpu…


Stay 5 meters away from Graplers when you play the CPU. You think the cpu is fair ? it is not.
Punish Hawk stupid random special like you should, and back off again. why the hell would you jump on Graplers ? Their core design always been to struggle to approach, and YOU want to help them ?
That’s all you can ask to learn against the cpu anyway, don’t ask for more.


Thawk main here, just added you. Invite me to endless lobby whenever. You’ll learn to deal with hawk eventually. I’m uh, 2000 PP approaching 5000 BP if that means anything.

Editing the post with some opinions;


Akuma: Back jump hado X 1000


LOL, I’m 100 pp/bp. Should be interesting xD


I’ll just write it all here. I had a fucking novel then accidentally deleted it. Sec.

I may not be Kogikog or insert the name of other T-Hawk lad here, but I can tell you for free, as an online player, that I have waded through some amount of Ryu. Albeit, on GFWL Oni seems to be the standard Shotokan. T-Hawk boards here think the matchup leans towards T-Hawk’s favour. Daigo Umehara said on Topanga TV that the matchup is 7:3 to Ryu and Ryu’s best matchup. Make of that what you will. What I see from that is that T-Hawk has serious damage/mixup potential on your man in white, but might have a hard time getting in.

T-Hawk is terrible at approaching safely, especially at low levels (Condor dive lol). Try to abuse this. DP destroys most of his options. Air to air him well because Condor Dive has start ups and empty jump can end up with you getting lp typhoon into splash shenanigans. Condor Dive CAN NOT punish a fireball unless he’s in the air and you throw it (Or somehow is godly reacted to). Throw fire when he steps back but not when he’s close enough to ex spire you for a knockdown (techable) and potential mixup if you do something silly. Also note that he can roundhouse your hadoken during it’s start up. He’ll probably be aiming to space those, and bait one out of you for a free jump in to grab, or ex spire in.

Oh and if Hawk tries to tick with C.lp, you can bash out a reversal. Lol.

Neutral jump when he’s ticking. Edit: No wait you’re ryu. Jump back and play keep away.

Edit: Not sure how to quote on here but Climaxter, you couldn’t be more right lol. Akuma annoys me online.


Counter pick with cammy and do low forward all day long. XD


T-Hawk can deal with Cammy.


Juri rapes hawk


But T. Hawk butt rams Yun, but if you learn that match up it’s not too bad considering most T. Hawk’s game plan is too mash SPD.


I’ve been playing a year, and I still don’t know how to deal with Hawk (Sak player, with a bit of Ryu).


Spacing him out and utilizing pokes. Don’t try any links you know you can’t execute otherwise CPU T.Hawk will command grab you when you drop your combo.


pick blanka.

Seriously, just pick blanka