How to deal with the Melee scene


edit: Thanks to those who pointed out that this is a troll post. I hope I’ve made my point.


I think I speak on behalf of the entire Melee scene when I say: thank you. This is a wonderful idea and I hope that many experienced fighting game players take your advice.

I think that the competition you’ll see at EVO, though, will probably be a bit steeper than at your 20-man locals, and you might find it more difficult to mindgame Melee’s actual “pro” players.

My only other issue with your post is that you’ve far overstated the difficulty of wavedashing; it’s actually a 2-button input. Close, though!


it would be enjoyable to see wong chris g fanatic ricky ortiz and others going for that pot money


This thread fails. He joined today, Obvious and poorly disguised troll…But…I’m still going to post it.


Even if everything you said about Melee is true, the irony is that if your hypothetical situation happened and a top FGC player won that prior to EVO never played Melee competitively; it would contradict your original premise and only strengthen the argument that Melee is INDEED a FIGHTING GAME with BASIC and COMPETITIVE FIGHTING GAME MECHANICS that translate well to fighting game players who have mastered these fundamentals.


Flawless Post.


There is absolutely nothing good that can come out of this thread.