How to defeat a turtling player?

turtlers are usually good at breaking other turtles. they’ll just gain their life lead again, back off, and do their signature turtle stuff all over again. so i wouldn’t go so far as to say “turtle back” unless their offense is pathetic. i think it’s better to put them into a state where they’re certain that no one move is gonna give them the success they want

It’s not exciting, but gaining the life lead is probably the best thing to do. Chip them away and put the pressure on them and not yourself.

Chuck plasma if there in the corner,I often find Akumas like that, just cause the can chuck plasma when they jump also. Find your way around them, if there Ryu’s throwing hado’s focus, and keep on dashing forward, then try going for some combos or grabbing.

Best answer thus far.
They can turtle all they want, but that only anchors them down for your fireballs to deal out some chip.
Sooner or later they’ll have to start jumping over them either straight up in the air for whiff or at you for retaliation.

If you have the life lead, let them turtle all they want and simply punish their desperate attempts to close the life gap when the timer starts trickling to an end.