How to defend against throws?


Hey there,

I’m a SFxT player with an “ok” experience (10k BP) and I wanted to play a more footsies oriented game (no troll intended, I really think SSF4AE is more about correct spacing than SFxT, at least at my level of gaming). I tried KOF XIII, but the online is terrible. So, I tried SSF4AE, which I really dislike at the moment.

The first problem I had in this game was people mashing reversal. But know that I practiced my links, it’s not a problem anymore. Now, my main problem is that everyone I meet seems to throw me at least 4 times per round. Here’s a typical sequence :

Ryu : j.MK, throw, j.MK, cr.LP throw, j.MK, cr.MP throw, j.MK, cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.LP, …

How can I tech the throw if it’s totally random like that ?

I really want to like this game, because the game itself is very good. I’m jus tired of losing against throws and gimmicks. I know the problem comes from me, not the game :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, I main Gouken.

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Understand the Crouch tech option select, but do not rely on it too much.

To do this, you want to crouch and press light punch + light kick, which is the throw command. The throw command however will not come out as you are crouching, so you can still tech a throw. Additionally, you do not want to mash this as you will get hit out, or counter hit. Instead what you want to do is Crouch tech to the rhythm of how they are pressing buttons, so for every jab they do or whatever normal, then you press the light punch + light kick, while crouching, at the same time as they apply pressure.

Usually after 2 normals (light kick, light punch, medium punch, etc.) they will try to go for a throw, especially if you are blocking. If they add more normals, they are out of throw range unless they have a Kara throw (extended range throw) or SPD (spinning pile driver; command grab), so you are safe to stop crouch teching. Generally, you want to try and stand tech, the time where you expect a throw as it gives you an “extra” window to tech a throw. This “Extra” window is due to throws having priority over normals, so if you are within throw range, and they are trying to apply close jab pressure, or even a close frame trap, you can simply throw them out of it. But be wary of being baited by neutral jumps, or step backs, or even sweeps to punish your whiffed throw animation.

Also, since you play Gouken, most people will try to throw you more often then the majority of the cast due to you having an EX Counter. If you see people trying to throw you too often, they respect that you have a reversal that beats meaty setups (deep jump ins or early normals before your wake up), so they will tend to empty jump throw you, or tick throw. If you notice this too much, you can use the EX demon flip to get out of the corner sometimes, and if you’re feeling lucky, the EX tatsu.

You may notice that when you’re applying pressure, some characters may crouching light kick or crouching medium punch you out of your block strings sometimes, its because they are crouch teching. If you feel like you understand them enough, you can do an block string into a low counter for free damage. This is risky, but if you notice that they go to this option too much, it makes them scared to continue and may opt you to getting a free back throw as they are afraid to crouch tech.

In street fighter 4, throws are pretty hard to tech in general, so don’t be disappointed to be thrown around all day, some characters offense are pretty much built around throws and baiting throws (Balrog, Vega, Ken, Rufus, Rose, Chun li, etc.)

Here is a visual representation:


Thanks A LOT for you very detailed answer <3 It’s very helpful ! I already knew the crouch tech, but I just mashed cr.LP + cr.LK during blockstrings without respecting any timing whatsoever, so of course, It didn’t work :slight_smile:

Thanks again !


i was having the exact same problem, so thanks both ! C:


You are going to get thrown by a good player some of the time, unless you commit to masing throw. And then you’ll just get counterhit to death.

Things that don’t lose to throws: Teching, backdashes, jumping, uppercuts, throw invincible moves.


You can try to avoid by doing backdash but provided you’re not in the corner.

Do look out for some players who delay their throw like cr.lp 2 times den you can see them walk back a step and after that do a throw


You should also consider how they are managing to get so close to you every round so that they can throw you. Gouken can keep Ryu out pretty easily. You should work on your zoning so that they can’t get close enough to throw you in the first place.

You should also incorporate standing and throwing into you defensive game. In that example you posted nowhere was there a low attack, which means if you had performed a standing tech you would have either teched their throw, or thrown them. This can be punished, but it’s an essential defensive technique against stuff like frame traps and delayed throws.

Go to training mode and have the dummy perform various tick throw setups on you and try to tech the throws correctly.


One thing to remember is that Gouken’s back throw is 5 frames startup, not 3. Gouken can’t backthrow some things that other characters can. So trying to do a 3 frame throw in between a blockstring is worse for Gouken than any other character in the game. You can shift the stick to forwards or neutral, but then you’re obviously not blocking. Also, Gouken’s is 5 frames, making it easy to counterhit him out of it. I know a Gouken that does option select throw techs with because it’s 4 frames startup. However, it’s slightly unsafe on block and doesn’t blockstring to anything besides lp palm. Gouken’s has great range for a though, so it’s not easy to make whiff and then punish (in a Ryu kara throw situation, for example).

Basically, Gouken inherently sucks at teching throws for these two reasons, whereas characters like Bison, Cammy, and Chun have 3 frame’s that make it easier to mash out of stuff.