How to differentiate between genuine and knockoff Sanwa buttons

I’m looking to purchase some Sanwa buttons from eBay, but I’m somewhat concerned that I may get some knockoff buttons.

Is there a definitive way to tell if the buttons are genuine Sanwa?

In big text it says “Sanwa” on them (underneath). Maybe even “product of japan.” I can’t remember.

how can you tell even if the guy posts pics… if the guy wants to scam you he will just do it


Why not just buy from a reputable dealer like Modchipman, Gamingnow, etc.? As best I know there’s not a problem getting a hold of Sanwa buttons. It’s the sticks that are backordered.

I was answering a little more literally and direct but I think you should listen to what they said too :stuck_out_tongue:

anyone ever purchase from They seem to have a lot of Sanwa buttons in stock in their eBaystore.

There has been much talk of them in the forums. A lot of New Yorkers go there in person.

Edit: They are also basically the same price as LL shipped.

Wow! I didn’t realize these were even knocked off.

I go to their actual storefront, yes, they are selling real Sanwa parts.

For those who don’t know, “Sanwa” is clearly printed on TWO Parts of the button. The black “box” (actual switch) and right to one side of it. I believe this is to prevent people trying to replace their switch with a crappy version yet still keep the Sanwa outer button.

But you’d have to be pretty desperate to go that low.

also very strange with the sanwa buttons
they also got a number on them

4 of my white buttons and 1 black button from TE stick had the number 1 on it
and 2 of the white ones and 1 black one had a number 2 on them

True, but at least these guys seem to have faster shipping (instead of the 2 month wait that I’ve read about in LizardLick’s forum).

“if you dont know, now u know, nigga!” - biggie smalls

If you haven’t checked out akihabarashop then I suggest you do.