How to direct a "you order, I solder" service

I’ve got a few simple things I’m looking to have soldered to finish the work that I could save on shipping to Stan for.

This is a project box using a brook Universal USB, a Paradise Cthulhu, a Genesis 6 button, and Genesis 3 button as four of the switchable pcbs in the project box.

1 bthe Brook USB currently works for every button except capture and switch. I see the PCB, and see a “touchpad” pin. Just say “wire pin x to Touchpad port”, and pin y to Ground"?

The specific ColecoVision issue

(the reason why there’s multiple grounds have to do with the ColecoVision, but for every other system you just have to make sure that all the ground pins are somehow attached to any ground. It only has to be specific on the ColecoVision PCB )

  1. My 6 button Sega Genesis Project Box PCB pad hack does not have the start button working but everything else does. Looking at the picture, can someone screen capture and either draw an arrow or highlight with lighter shade the focus point of the soldering solder wire? I see the yellow wire is loose there for that should most likely be the one that needs to be soldered. I just need to find the solder point.
  2. Just say “wire from here to here”?

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