How to directly contact mods?


So that RedD guy started running rampant and the only thing that was readily available was to just flag down the posts as either spam, off topic and all that. I mean, that’s well and all except for the fact that people play with those buttons all the damn time, meaning the button becomes desensitized and loses it’s importance.

Is there a way to see a list of mods currently online, so that one could contact them directly to get their immediate attention for such cases? Most other forums generally show you a list of logged in users and who the mods are on the top forum page for such purposes. (Seriously, I don’t even know who half the mod team are and where to even get that information).


Just fyi, I deleted all his posts and banned him.


I had to put my fist through the monitor before some random chick walked behind me and put my ass in a heap of trouble :rofl:


I’ve noticed and it was fortunate that you were online at the right time and that some of the wiser OG members managed to direct your attention so you could swiftly deal with it.

However the way it works now is still not foolproof since there isn’t any clear process to directly contact a mod. If half the people see the crime but are unable to report it and bring attention to it, that’s effectively half the surveillance you’re losing out on.

The @ command seems like a nice solution and it looks like it worked out this time, except that it relies on the user knowing who the Mods are to prompt the @ towards. Maybe you could have a special @Mod command and it’ll alert the entire mod team to it? Or an even simpler solution I can think of would be to make public and easily accessible the entire Mod team list so people know who to contact in the future.


This might help but it hasn’t been updated in 2 years:
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