How To Do A Kara Raging Demon in Third Strike? Execution Help?


I’ve tried and tried and tried but I’m still not sure how to pull it off. I’ve found other ways to land a Raging Demon but not through kara methods. Execution tips?


Hold towards > Ring Finger on MP ~ doubletap jab > Roll Stick to Down-Forward, Thumb lk, pinky fierce.

Takes a lot of practice, there are a few other methods as well.


Assuming you’re talking about TKD’s, the trick to it I find is to treat the double jab tap as a flam. If you’re not familiar with drum rudiments, youtube it. The point is, you have to do it so fast that you really can’t afford to think of it as 2 jabs but rather as just one movement.


Wait, what’s a TKD? I get what you’re saying otherwise, though.

Thanks for the tip! I’m on controller right now so that would be really impractical, but I’ll be getting a stick soon, so thanks!


A TKD is just when you’re buffering the entire move within the f+mp. If I was to do a dive kick though, I could buffer the first two jabs into the dive kick and then buffer the latter half of the move in f+mp once I’ve landed. The first method as you may imagine is very difficult, to the point where unless you have it on lock it’s probably not worth attempting.


Thanks, what I was talking about initially was in fact the medium punch version. The second method you mentioned has actually been mentioned has actually been used on me once. Skip to 1:02 to see it. So what I would do is jump, do down+mk and two jabs, land on the ground, forward+mp, then do towards+lk, and finish it with fierce. I’ll try that.


Do know that a lot of good players will willingly jump to escape knowing that the dive-kick setup is coming. It’s a good setup to have in your back pocket, but try not to get too used to kara-Demon off of just this one setup.


Generally I rely on Demon Flip set-ups, plus Super 1 is really good so I just want to use this from time to time, Raging Demons aren’t exactly my trademark like it is for JR. Thanks for the tip though.


You can dash demon too, gotta be fast though.


It starts up in 4 frames if my memory serves me correctly, so dashing forward actually doesn’t sound like a bad idea, similar to Hyperbomb or Gigas Breaker. The way I’ve been landing it is similar to both of those supers, whiff a normal in the air then activate it on the ground immediately. Is that a good strategy or am I a scrub?


Bad idea will never work. I’ll upload vids showing 3 ways my fingers know how to do it later if that will help.


This logic is hella flawed. There aren’t even setups in this game and the mixup you mentioned is essential to force jumpouts which will lead to triple tatsu punishes, delayed blockstrings following the divekick, etc

EDIT: I can’t spell on iphone


That’s what I was thinking, my success rate with it has been low and i know there’s gotta be another way to do it. I’ll be getting a fight stick very soon, so if your videos are for a fight stick I’ll happily watch them.


Much easier on stick than controller. There are shortcuts for demon that are easier than True Kara Demon (TKD) which have already been mentioned, but those aren’t nearly as effective as TKD.

The method I use is: hold forward, tap MP and LP almost together like kara throw timing, tap LP again quickly, go to down forward, LK~HP with same timing as before. Hardest part is recognizing when to go to down forward as doing it too late or too early will result in no demon.


I could make another one of these for kara palm if anyone wants


Thanks for the help, I’m getting a stick VERY soon so I’ll try it soon. The controller I have isn’t just an average controller, it is bad. I mean, bad, bad. BAD. So glad I’m getting a stick.

Thanks so much for the video! =)


It wasn’t meant as an end-all piece of advice. It was meant to outline one situation that could come up. I’ve seen too many players become enamored with trying to land demon that the setup becomes the tell. The idea is to get him knowledge of the setup first. Once that happens, you apply the ways to use to stop the escape of the setup.

I see what you’re getting at, though. If he has a tool, he should use it. However, my intention is to warn him of being too reliant on the tool. And that’s where your point about using the other setups comes in.


Hey I finally ordered the Tekken 6 Hori Fightstick, so your guys advice should come in handy soon! Thank you guys so much for the help!


If you aren’t used to stick expect to have an extremely hard time for a bit. You’ll want to go back to pad multiple times guaranteed, just make sure you stick with it.


Not necessarily. My initial reaction to using stick was something like “HOLY SHIT DRAGON PUNCHES ARE SO MUCH EASIER NOW I LOVE THIS”. The adjustment did take some time though, but I never wanted to go back to pad.