How to do approach the Balrog a broad sense


A good Rog is so solid, there isn’t really much you can do. He can punch through projectile/zoning attempts. If you pressure him you are going to eat headbutts that possibly end in ultra and of course, his normals will all beat yours except for maybe Bison and Chun Li. His normal AA is extremely solid, so you are mostly going to have to cross up after a KD. I have tried mixing in focuses much I just get armor broke and or lose a bunch of life eating a combo because his normals are FAST.




Depends on who you are using against Rog and what kind of Rog you’re playing against, but universally, you should always look out for headbutt>ultra setups when Rogs have ultra stocked (especially if it’s close to match end and they can finish you off with it), and get a feel for his range. Also, Balrog has no crossup tool, so if he’s jumping over you after a hard knockdown, it’s a setup for either a throw or empty jump combo on the other side.


Yeah, especially online, his sweep is a pain to block.