How to do: Dash -> Raging Demon?

this is the only thing i can not do, is there any trick?

like lp, lp, ->, ->, lk, hp?
does that work? i borrow my DC arcade so i havent been able to practice, and on the arcades is kind of hard coz none wants to become my dummy… T_T

plz, thnx!

I had difficulty doing it at first. But after some thinking and fooling around, I found a method to do it.

First make sure that you’re finger positioning is in place: index finger on the jab button, thumb on the short button and the ring finger on the fierce button.

after positioning your fingers properly, follow this command: f,f,lp,lp,f,lk,hp. :smiley: Just make sure that you input the lp,lp immediately after you input f,f(during the dash animation).

Or, you can do what most people do…

dash, then raging demon! :slight_smile: Do it like BigJoe said…

Just practice the command so you can do it quickly. Once you get this down, you can easily whip out the motion during the dash.

->, ->, akuma dashes, LP-LP->-LK, dash ends, HP activates raging demon

Kara Dashing demon looks cooler though :smiley: Just do it the same method - 2 jabs during the dash then --> + MP at the end of the dash then lk, hp.
Was bored just thought id mention that lol.

thnx all, this is how i do it now:
dash, lp, lp (gouki lands) ->, lk xx hp

i’ve been looking for this thread…
so you just have to be quick w/ the commands.
gotta try this at the arcade.

and btw, is kara-RD inescapable??

dash and kara demons are inescapable if its RIGHT in front of the opponent (and he dosent throw you or something)
As most people said, the trick is to dash first and then input the demon. Basically, you want to hide your jabs. Basic demon logic is that jabs can be inserted anywhere. Crossover demon, you insert jabs in the air, when you land you finish it with f,short,fierce. Wakeup, you insert jabs before/while waking up, and then f,short fierce.
Dash demon is similar. At first I tried doing the jabs right in middle of my dash… and it worked but was hard as fuck. After a while I figured out that there is a little space right after the dash INPUT where you can insert 2 jabs quickly. Think of it as 4 inputs: F, F, Jab, Jab. Do those fast with more or less the same time difference between each input. After that you can sorta relax and finish up the demon. It takes a little practice… and then bam. you got it.

wtf is a kara demon

Cancelling into demon for added range.

You don’t need dash kara demon most of the time though. The 2-3 frames you use for the kara is enough for characters to jump out of the demon., kara-demon >>> anything

ok. do you know what a kara throw is? if so this will be easy to understand… but lets see.

Kara throw:
The throwing system in 3s, as you all (should) know is lp+lk. Now kara throw is sorta like a glitch. It is a method of improving the reach of your throw by using another move. Confusing?
A lot of characters have moves that move the character forward a little bit. Akuma’s F+MP(the overhead chop) is his best kara move. Basically you use F+MP followed by a throw MILLISECONDS later. Basically the first few frames of the kara move(F+MP) can be cancelled into something else, aka a throw. It will take some practice, but kara throws are great. With akuma, the way you KNOW youve performed a successful kara throw is if you hear him grunt. This could help you understand a little bit about the kara throw as well. F+MP will make him grunt… but a regular throw wont make him grunt. But if you do a kara throw, you will only see the throw (and him inch forward magically) as well as the grunt (meaning f+mp sound effects with throw and moving forward)

Kara demon is using the same thing… i mean demon is also a throw, isnt it? You dont have to dash demon to do a kara demon (though thats the way it should be done for the most part). For practice purposes I believe you can try without the dash (though I wouldnt suggest doing that). Demon input is jab, jab, F, short, fierce. Akuma’s kara move is F+mp. Try putting the two together and you get… : jab, jab, (F+MP), short, fierce. This definitely does not have to be as fast as a kara throw. You can take your time with this one.

so dash kara demon… the dashing makes you move right in front of your opponent (no jabs are seen so they wont see it coming), and the kara will make you go even further (but make sure the chop dosent actually hit your opponent. It should be like right above the opponent). This, i’d have to say, is his best demon setup or whatever you want to call it.

oh yeah, feel free to correct me if im wrong. Im pretty new to 3s myself.

dash demon IS the best thing you can do since it’s easiest and the most effective demon(at least for me).

On you feel comfortable with the demon just do what rashiodown said. Put it in the cr. short game. Once you know how to be using it well the advantages you have with two bars full is crazy. :slight_smile:

oh but dont become predictable with it. If people anticipate a dash, low forward super coming your way. My demon setups are either dash, crossover, anti air or wake up if they are close to me(its so stupid it actually works at times). Occasionally I go for a few odd setups, but all situational.

which is why, kara-demon is the best setup. like a tick-throw but untechable, invincible and does 65% damage.

yeah is really good. You will see a lot of people use dash in regular throw with shotos. Just demon it.

yeah, what he said. seriously, l337 knows his akuma shit. he’s the best akuma player in H-town. that crossover and dash demon is too good.

i wouldn’t go that far…

oh haha not even close to best akuma in htown. I have wayyy too much to learn. My basics suck. But thanks though! By the end of summer I hope to ge a good akuma player

oh, i guess there’s a better akuma player at stargate, but i’ve never been there. ok, best akuma player at UH at least. MUCH better than the UH runaway Akuma players that do super jump back air fireball all day. :lame: so annoying

note to both of y’all : this thread is turning into an H-town players thread. :clap:

Nonono, not, dash in demon. I’m talking about, immediate kara-demon. They block a…WTF superflash and they’ve lost 65%. Match uses it from time to time. Too bad nobody knows how it’s done…

oh wow. Im going to have to mess around with that then. Im guessing there is enough space between the to do a couple hidden jabs… but wow didnt know it was guaranteed on block.