How to do dive kick?

yeah i dunno how

with yun/yang, jump, then press down forward + any kick button

with akuma, jump and press down + medium kick

with necro, jump and press down + any kick

thanks , sorry to make it sound crappy , that’s why i use demon flip as dive kick :sweat:


i failed the dive kick …again


u have to be coming downwards or at the peak of ur height with akuma to do dive kick…

i see…

i thought it was the peak of the jump ONLY

dunno… but im sure as hell aint gonna do one while coming down when i can do one when im at the peak of my jump :stuck_out_tongue:

as long as akuma was in a street fighter and had a DIVE kick IT WAS ALWAYS at the peak of the jump down and forward in the air.

not to be a stickler or a jackass but if u dont know something dont comment like u do…

No. You can dive kick on the way up.

I thought it was d,df,f+k then k?

You can dive kick off the demon flip but you don’t have to. You can do it when you’re just jumping as well.

how do i shot web ??

you missed alex!

his is down+fierce!!!

oh wait this thread is about dive kick not nose dive, sorry to derail your topic :frowning: :frowning:

It’s not a nose dive, it’s his superman move!

Well technically, he said “how to do dive kick ??” :stuck_out_tongue: