How to do oro kara grab?



oro can a great range of kara throw but i am wondering is oro got kara grab?

how to do kara grab if it does exist?

anyone know how to do and is it useful to vs ppl?

like activite sa1 or something else?



Check this page out. Good stuff about kara throwing.

According to the chart, Oro can kara throw with toward+Strong, Forward, or Roundhouse.

I don’t think you can kara his SA1 because that would only require one button to grab, not two buttons like throw.


For all intents and purposes, Oro has only two karathrows: Roundhouse and far Forward. Roundhouse is used for regular throws (close Forward and toward+Strong have inferior range), while far Forward can be used for his command grab (useless) and regular SA1 (less useless). At the perfect range, far Forward can be cancelled into a successful normal throw, but more often than not you’ll get the close Forward by accident.

As for karacancelling into his command grab or regular SA1, the motion is as follows: HCB, then MK, then P. Although Oro can attempt his Kishin Riki with nothing but a punch button, you need the half-circle motion for the karacancel.


I wouldn’t say useless.

The f+mp kara cancell for regular throw is real easy out of a dash and gives him a substantial increase in range. You’ve got to delay the cancell for the best range. It seems like the f+mp kara actually has the best range for the normal throw cancell.

And the kara’ed kishin riki normal super is awesome! It’s got ricockulous range. It seems like it can punish almost any blocked moves. It makes his kishin riki wake up game brutal because he can hover outside of good wakeup range on most characters.


I never really experimented with the toward+MP karacancel. The inherent problem I see with it, though, is that you’ll always get Oro’s inferior mash grab. Roundhouse also has substantial range, can be cancelled readily into his back throw, and is just easier to perform at all times.

Kara-Kishin Riki does have awesome range, but I feel that most players will be able to successfully run away. You really need to land at least two grabs for the damage to be anywhere near worth it… and can that really happen against a good player?


You hit on the main point, Jinrai. Yeah, if you combo into the air grab version of the super, then go for another grab on the ground, sometimes, if you’re lucky, maybe, you might get one more grab. That’s really the problem with Kishin; there are a lot of cool things with it that would be nice if they -did- work, but they really don’t. At the range where kara Kishin would matter, there’s nothing to stop them from just jumping away - it’s not like they have to worry about getting hit by something else. You can try to jump at them and use the air version, but his jump (and the grab attempt) just aren’t very fast, and it’s easy to just kick him out of it in the air. Kishin is really only useful if you’re going to use the EX version on someone because you just can’t ever seem to land that standing strong. Really, even if you can’t ever get a strong on someone, you’re STILL likely to get more damage by just getting them in the corner and mixing up with non-EX Tengu.

Unfortunately, Oro really is just Tengu or Yagyou to do unblockables (if you swing that way).


Yeah the choke grab isn’t as good as the foot throw, but it does set up an easy SAII unblockable.

I primarily play as kishin riki and pretty much only use the EX version. I find EX SAI alone eilds more damage and respect than stones or dama, but that’s just me. I need the invincibility factor.

That having been said, I’ll only use the normal version when I score that and I’ll go for the air throw. After that I’ll charge down at the maximum range of my fp. uppercut. Most people will either try to hit me on the ground or jump. I try to uppercut if they jump.


Damage numbers(All done on full health ryu):
SA1 (EX) 58 points
Low fierce XX SA1 (EX) 68 points
Generic mid screen SA3 combo(roundhouse, towards + strong), comboed off standing strong: 77 points
SA3 with corner finisher: 87 points


I didn’t mean it did more damage than the tengu combo. I meant that given it’s invincibility I get alot more damage out of it.