How to do proper OS inputs....... we need this thread

i need help with it, because i’m having difficulties, and i don;t see any thread about it, so i think is a good idea

How todo an OS or what to use verse diff characters?


well ok guys thank you for that, but my problem are mostly doing it, i mean for e.g. feilong to ultra, and i think gouken has c.lp to ultra, but the timming of the inputs don’t let me do it, like im trying to do gf and ex hurricane and i can’t, my problem is mostly inputs

ERRRRR. I’m lost.

If you do GF and you input the Tatsu as your dive kick is hitting then if anything causes your dive kick to whiff then it activates.

If the dive kick hits you go on with your block string or combo.

The input for EX Tastu … is QCB 2K and finish you input while the other attack is still active.

well if you see the last video of kyo anton against dalshin when he does the os palm, i want to now the timming for it

There is no way for us to really tell you the timing or explain it properly. You do the EX palm when you know you would hit on a safe jump. If the guy backdashes or causes the dive kick to whiff the palm will come out, if he blocks the block stun prevents it from coming out.

I’m sure you understand that so really all you can do is practice in training mode.

Load up someone as player 1, load Gouken as the dummy. Record, sweep the character then do a demon flip safe dive kick and do EX palm “early” knowing it won’t come out.

Set to play back, get swept, backdash the safe dive kick attempt. If the EX palm doesn’t come out when you backdash you did it to early.

You are just going to have to rinse and repeat till you get the timing correct.

I have one easier, Reipin.

Martinez: Instead of the back and forth recording where you can lose the feeling for the timing, just push the opponent all the way across the screen, then go all the way to the other side of the screen. Use lk flip, input your divekick and then input your OS of choice. You will know if you did it right if the OS choice happens when you hit the ground, because you are not hitting anything on the way down. This way, you can practice the timing over an over without going back and forth between characters.

My timing tip is to do the kick as early as possible and once the kick is out but before you land, enter another move. EX tatsu is easy, hado is easy, lp palm is easy and fast.

Oooo that sounds really good.

I OSed a dhalsim after i did a Denjin combo. Stuuuuuuuuuun. So nice.

thank you guys

OS with mp palm? It is sweeeet! Well, now I guess it’s hp palm.

Yeah, HP palm and EX palm both work. Fuck yo teleport.

Let us know if this info worked out for you. OS can be tricky sometimes because you might get lazy because you think you have the guy locked down with one but he can easily block and throw your ass of you’re not careful. You have to slow time down on that jump in and watch every frame to see if the OS activated. If it didn’t, you need to continue with a block string, throw, or get out quick. Sometimes I react too soon and mess up the whole purpose of the safe jump OS.

BTW: I have noticed some of the better players savvy to OS attacks on wakeup who just delay their wake up attack. Against Gouken, this is not great for us because even if they block and we recognize it as fast as humanly possible and throw, say, a jab or even a 3 frame mk, we eat shoryuken or whatever. .