How to do qcfx2? I can qcbx2 but not qcfx2


I hold the stick with the shaft between my pinky and ring finger, and it has been work out so far because the games I play don’t require multiple qcf as much, but now I am using a character that requires qcfx2, and I could only do it on 2p side.

it seems the my grip works well for qc motion on 2p side but not on 1p side.
on 2p side, I can use both my index and middle finger to push the stick down, but on 1p side, I only have the upper joint of the palm (connecting the index finger) to push the stick. I have to move my entire hand to push downward which is unnatural and tiring if I have to do it quickly twice in a row.

how do you do qcfx2 if you hold the stick with shaft between between pinky and ring finger? I tried to do the grip with shaft between middle finger and ring finger, but I feel uncomfortable in this grip.


Try pinching the stick with index, middle & thumb.


it seems your ring finger placement is different from my grip style, so is my grip style not meant for this qcf x2? do I need to change it?

is there a video that describes this motion more closely for my grip style?


How exactly are you holding it?

Is it similar to any of these?


stick between pinky and ring finger, 4 finger grip on the stick, damn it, I thought that was descriptive enough for this

on a side note lol when did eventhub stopped being an ass and dropped the anti adblock?


It would just be practice with the way you’re holding it, then… Do it slowly and cleanly, then gradually speed up. Try to just gently brush the engage points instead of hitting the gate to make your movements as small as possible.

You could also cut out a forward input and just do d, df, d, df, f. Like wiggling a shoryu but sliding forward at the last second instead.


u the same guy from 8wayrun board right? I am trying to do pomega’s DNS b in a combo. I can buffer it properly from the 2p side, but I am having trouble doing it from 1p side. DNS command is 236 during NS, so this means only the 1st 236 can be buffered, and then the 2nd 236 can only be input after NS has started.

I am trying to learn to do qcfx2 real fast so that this will be useful when I play other fighting games.


DNS is flipped. 23623, no need for the second 6. Landing in the corner is a lot easier than completing the second QCF.

Don’t always think it’s about raw speed. QCFx2 in 2D can be slowed down if you plan for it. Raw speed is nice, but there’s not an easy way to get that, especially on stick, where you have to contend with a neutral deadzone and hitting engage points precisely. (I’d believe this is why some players are still on pad, or in my case, on Hitbox.)

I believe Nica KO holds the stick similar to you. (If you can identify the sound of Yang’s rekkas, that’s him inputting QCF very fast.) Maybe you can study other people’s hands and see what techniques they use.


Have you tried turning on input display?


Just keep practicing.


alright, I found the aris way of doing it


[quote=“MuffinMan123, post:11, topic:168623”]

alright, I found the aris way of doing it


You can’t use that method if you play a sway character though…

Or were you just looking to do qcf motion for practice?
Anyway qcb is mainly the fingers doing the work while qcf is using the entire wrist/arm basically, if you exxagerate the motions the are also more likely to come out.


I used to have a terrible time with qcfx2 also, but then I started using the same grip as you after reading this article

and it’s worked wonders for me. I would try to find Daigo’s NHK video online to see if there is some footage of him executing the shinku hadoukens with this grip.

For me, I rool the balltop off my top three fingers going forward and then bring it back with my ring finger.

I hope you find some of this useful.


is it natural to hold joysticks differently when you are in different sides or doing specific commands?

when I do circles, I find it easier to grip the ball with my finger tips
but when I am doing double taps, specific back back motion, I find it faster to do if my entire hand sits on the ball because using the thumb to do back back motion is very imprecise.