How to do RS!

How the hell do you guys do the RS? I tried the way that is written in the booklet, but no luck. Any tips? Please…



tap db, hcb, then tap and hold df, press punch.

For me the hardest part was not going to db at the end. Just make sure you hold it at df and press punch and you should improve quite a bit, quickly.

you can do the ghetto way 2 hcb, then df + p.

You can combo into it like this : db + lp, hcb + rh(hit rh in the middle of the hcb motion)hold rh down, df p.

that comes out easier for me then the normal way of doing the rs.


if you give hold db half of a second you can probably land it easier, at least it is for me.

Thanks a lot guys. I was able to pull the super (using the “ghetto” way). I could never do that super. Finally I was able to pull that out. Thanks guys. THe normal guys is too damn confusing. I don’t even know if I am doing the motion that is described in the booklet. Do some “z” motion then back, and whatever…

Thanks a lot.


The motion is called a pretzel. When I do a raging storm, a time lapse photo of my left hand would draw a pretzel, hence the name.

And I usually tap db because I use raging storm either to finish off a deadly rave in N or as anti-air. When you use it as anti-air, any holding db has to be done before the opponent jumps.

i think i have an effective practice drill for doing RS

the objective is to do the RS as written in-game. db, hcb, df + any punch

first, try doing db, hcb + any punch. so the RS command with df.
that should make geese do one of his counters. if the counter comes out, then it means u r doing db, hcb perfectly correct.

keep practicing that until u get it smooth, fast, and consistent. it seems to me that it is lot easier to think about doing a counter than a RS, so practicing it as such is eaiser in turn.

now u add the df to the ‘counter’ drill u were doing and u get the RS!

this has worked for me very well. it got me able to pull out RS about 80% time on the first few hours of practicing, and im not that good at CVS2.

try it and tell me how it turns out for u

Well to be honest RS came natural to me after I figured out the motion. The only advice I can give you for this is to just to do the motion fast in one fluid motion. If you do it too slow it wont’ come out or you’ll just get a counter. Dont’ use the ghetto way because in the long run it’s harder and it aint’ as fast. RS isnt’ that hard once you get it down. I think it’s only good to use it as an anti-air or you can use it when your feeling really lucky. Dont’ get me wrong, it’s a good Super, but using it TOO much can fuck you over if you mess up. Just use it as an anti-air or when your almost positive that there gonna’ fall for it, but I woulnt rely on a random super.Good luck on that RS. :slight_smile:

Thnx windbreaka
finally I was able to pull out Raging Storm, using ur way

On a stick RS is mad easy.:cool: