How to do standing 360s?

I know this was probably figured out about 10 years, ago, which is making it hard for me to figure out how to do this lol

Any tips? Thanks guys.

Another thing I’m needing help with that I thought I’d ask about… is there a trick or something to doing a reversal 360 throw against another character that uses it? Like a zangief player reversal spd on a zangief ticking to set up an spd… it seems that a lot of times with high level players, the player getting ticked can get off a reversal before the guy setting up the throw gets his 360 off.

This didn’t need a new thread and has been answered countless times in the ST and HDR sections. Please use the search from now on. This isn’t the Drian Q&A forum it’s the ST forum.

You just do a 270 motion from forwards or backwards on the joystick until you hit up. With Zangief you have five frames (or 5/60 of a second) to input any punch or kick command before he’ll jump. With T.Hawk you have only three frames (or 3/60 of a second) to hit any punch before Hawk will jump.

With Zangief if you are fast enough a throw will come out. With Hawk however if you are out of range Hawk will jump in ST because he has no whiff animation. If you are in range with Hawk and press a punch within three frames you’ll get a throw (unless your opponent is off the ground or possibly at some point during a reversal).

Honda’s command throw is not a 360.

And throws are random. If two Zangiefs SPD each other on the exact same frame the game rolls the dice.

I did a search before I posted, sorry if you’ve answered the question before, but thanks for the response.

Worst case scenario, if your searches are coming up empty, don’t start another thread, just post your question in a T.Hawk/Zangief/General discussion video. :arazz:

do a half circle motion and then move yer thumb diagonally form the l or r key to the up l or up r key.