How to do this move

i know that she has that lp mp hp hk move, but there is one where at the end she can grab and toss the oponent. how do we do that?

instead of ending it with hk end it with down+hp

thank you, but the last grab doesnt reach at all, the 3 first punchs hit but the grab at the end is to far from the oponent:xeye:

doesnt work even on fat ass chang

your timing is wrong if you are missing it.

Yea. It took me a little while to get the timing down (like 20 min. or something) also. Don’t get hung up on trying to land that all the time during matches either because you’ll end up sad. You also must know when you are in range to get the grab in the first place. If you connect your jab from like half to max range, you won’t get the grab (maybe on fatty people though). Correct me if I’m wrong someone, but I think you can whiff cancel if you miss the throw. I promise I whiffed the throw and went on to press hk and it still connected a couple of times.

Another Question

How much time frame wise do you have o connect c.hp off of That’s some hard shit to pull off consistantly.