-= How to do this technique with Evil Ryu? =-


Sako does low forward fireball FADC into ultra 2. It’s so difficult to connect since it’s timing/linking strict.

Any tricks on how to FADC faster or get the motion for ultra out faster?

Anyone who can do this CONSISTENTLY (by that I mean 10/10 tries) help me out?

I think it works the same way Ryu’s U2 works. You have to land a max range(or very close to it) low forward xx fireball, then FADC into Ultra 2. I’ve done it several times in the training room and that’s the only time it has worked for me. Yes it’s hard and you’re going to need some good reactions because you can’t link E. Ryu’s low forward from any of his normals. You’re just going to have to be able to recognized that you hit low forward from pretty far away and just go for it.

A lot of good players are able to react quickly to stuff like counter hits which hardly gives you any time to recognize that you landed one. If you’re up to the task then go for it. It’s great damage for 2 bars.

EDIT: On 2nd thought, I think it’s possible to combo it off st. MP xx Fireball, FADC, U2. I remember some guys talking about it a while back, never tried it though.

2nd EDIT: Yeah it works, so you could do jab, jab, strong, Hado, FADC, Ultra 2 for about 400 damage. Not every version of this combo works though as it’s already been stated, you have to hit the fireball from nearly max range. Some characters with a big hit box gives you more leniency as you can throw out more jabs and it will always be spaced correctly where as smaller characters like Chun Li it will be harder or maybe even not possible.

thats it, you only have to do the hadoken as far as possible from the opponent, I recommend to use the LP hadoken, it will give you more time to do the fadc u2. Abviously you have to take care to do not to throw the hadoken from a distance it wont combo.

The max range is what I needed to know, great thanks for the help I’m able to do it like 7/10 tries now. Thanks a bunch fellas.