How to do Zangief's 360 motion with a joypad?



Which methods is best to do Zengief’s 360 motion ???

Say if you are walking from left to right

to do the 360, would you :-

  1. With the joypad still pushed to the right, do the 360 motion by turning down wards first ?
    meaning Right->Right+Down->Down->Left+Down->Left->Left+Up->Up


  1. With the joypad still pushed to the right, do the 360 motion by turning up wards first ?
    meaning Right->Right+Up->Up->Up+Left->Left->Left+Down->Down

Which method will be better to do the 360 motion ?


The method you use, depends on where your Zangief is coming from, before the 360.

  • Walk up pure 360

  • D, DF, F, FU, U, UB, B + LP

  • Buffered 360: Use after far MP, far HK, etc.

  • U, UB, B, DB, D, DF, F (Hold F slightly) + LP

  • Anti-grab 360: To beat Hawke/Hugo/Gief’s U1 and other throws

  • Example use: After EXGH or SPD-LPGH

  • F, FU, U, UB, B, BD, D + P

  • Safe 360: To block reversals and attacks:

  • Example use after LPGH or blocked

  • U, UF, F, DF, D, DB (pause slightly) + HP or LP+LK

In answer to your question.

The CORRECT ANSWER is it doesn’t matter, providing you can do it. They are both the same. Your question doesn’t state any conditions, nor does it define “best”. As “best” can mean anything, depending on the circumstances. Does “best” mean “most range”, or “most easiest” or “most safest”, or “most fastest” or “most whatever”

Easiest 360: B, F, D, U + P or F, B, D, U + P


How does the anti-grab version beat another throw?


You spend a significant time in prejump frames, where you can’t be thrown. And you can throw them.