How to DP cross ups?


when getting crossed up and trying to DP it, is it an autocorrect or do i have to DP the opposite motion of where the jump-in is landing?


auto correct


:df::db::df::db::df::db: :mp:


This will solve most, if not all, of those pesky cross up DP problems.

  1. Its got you covered for the motions on both sides in case something unexpected happens. (Ex: A gief jumps over you, but doesn’t execute a jumping cross up attack, like body splash in an attempt to land and hit you with U1).

  2. You’ll be ducking while doing this input so that lowers your hitbox and makes it more likely the cross up will whiff and you’ll get the DP punish. Ducking during a cross up attempt feels to me like it gives me a lot of extra breathing room and flexibilty in choosing if I want to block, AA, or just duck the jump and go for a throw as they land.


The way I do it depends on the opponent’s jump in, if it’s a meaty attack I’ll do a normal reversal DP and it would auto correct if it’s a x-up, if I know the guy is delaying his jump in on purpose so he’d make my SRK whiff or hit me after the invincibility frames runs out I’ll do the SRK motion but delay pressing the punch button, it would auto correct and hit his delayed cross up attempt, this will not register as a “reversal” on your wakeup.


John Choi wrote about this a while ago on this very site; pressing forward, down, down back will bring out a DP on the correct side if your opponent crosses you up.


Or you can just input the motion and just delay the button.