How to dual mod a stick tutorial?

i can not seem to find a tutorial for this?? ive searched before i posted to get flamed but with my luck i missed it and will get flammed. i just have a ps3 fs3 but am getting a 360 again pretty soon. so i really want to play my double dragon when i get it. but ive never ever modded a stick before and wondering if there are any tutorials especially videos for tip and help. thanks and let the flaming begin?:wonder:


Its in there!

wow, this shit looks complicated. is there any place where i can send my stick to get it dual modded??

Check the trading outlet, a few people offer dual modding. Cost is expensive though, have to get all the parts plus labor is anywhere from 60-100 not counting shipping although it obviously varies.

get arcade in a box if you think its such a hassle. AIAB offer many customization

You can go the project box way:

I would not bother investing in a dual mod for a FS3 unless you replace the buttons.

i am thinking of putting diff buttons. plus ill be gettina hrap3 soon. and i think i rather dual mod that. it just seems so complicated. anyone know if there are any video tutorials?? that would help me understand it more. reason for the hrap3 is that it plays with ps2 games and i still go at it at CvsS2 and SF33S.

im almost done my wireless dual mod. i’m just too lazy/busy to finish up the xbox side and clean up the wires.

if you don’t know whats going on in the pic gl w/ ur dual mod ^^

If some of you may wondering.
The red PCB you see in picture of JJL-Z33, that is Dual Mod PCB of purplearms.

It is good for doing Dual Mod of Wireless PS3 and Wireless Xbox 360.
PCB also is able to do LED Mod for Buttons.

Thats what it is, I sat here staring at it, wondering what kind of controller that may have come from. Reading up on it now, thanks.


Good luck.

Honestly, if you’ve thoroughly read the guides in the stickies and don’t get it, a video tutorial won’t help you. A dual mod–though probably not a great thing to start modding with–isn’t really that complicated to someone who has experience under the hood.

Have you really read up on the subject? Or did you just take a look or two and think, “wow, there are a lot of wires there!”