How to Dual Mod Eightarc ISO 360 Onyx to use with PS3


I’ve been searching all over for a guide to dual mod the eightarc is 360 onyx. I’ve only been able to find info on how to dual mod TE’s. Any info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


Well it depends on what PCB you are using with your Qanba/Eightarc stick for your dual-mod.
Cthulhu, Chimp, Cerberus ect.


No disrespect but why didn’t you just buy the Fusion?


that’s what I’m trying to find out, what the best dual mod pcb would be for the onyx and how to install

I wanted the nice polished wooden case


I’ll recommend the Chimp or the Cerberus if you want to keep the Original Xbox PCB in tact.
Otherwise I recommend the PS360+ which will replace the PCB Inside.