How to escape/counter the Aegis crossup?

You know the crossup that Urine does with the Aegis after he knocks you down? I’ve heard that it’s inescapable. But it’s possible to Parry it (do you Parry low or high?) but I don’t see how it’s possible if you’ve got Urien trying to grab you and assaulting with a variety of high and low attacks.

Typically Urien doesn’t try to grab you during the Aegis set up, unless you’re already parrying and he’s desperate to get that damage in.

Either way, I always try to parry down. Even if his attack isn’t low, sometimes all it takes is one down parry and you can get pushed out of the set up.

It’s very hard to block your way out of an unblockable (I guess it’s impossible unless your opponent makes a mistake). First, the easiest way to get out is to avoid it in the first place. The above poster already mentioned tech rolling and I’d like to emphasize it. The easiest unblockable set up for Urien is Spartan Bomb (his directional throw that’s a power bomb) Aegis, headbutt over. You can tech roll out of this set up. I think Urien can actually still set up an unblockable from this using a ping pong set up, but it’s a lot harder. Becareful of his headbutt. If you get hit he recovers from his headbutt before you reach the ground and he can AR, which makes it near impossible for you to tech roll out of the set up.

If you find yourself in the unblockable, the best thing to do is to parry your way out (hopefully you can. I know I can’t). The most common counter I’ve seen are down parry the reflector, parry Urien’s f+mk, parry the reflector, throw Urien and parry the reflector while standing, parry Urien, parry the reflector throw. Either way it’s three parries and then throw Urien. If you have Hyper Bomb or Gigas, those work, too, but only as a reversal. If you’re Akuma you can just reversal teleport. I hope that helps.

If Urien grabs you, at what point should you parry the ground? Do you parry just before you hit the ground during the grab, or after the grab?

With Urien’s f.throw, he drops you to the ground then you bounce once and land on the ground again. You can press down before either time you hit the ground to quick rise. But, most ppl do it the 1st time, before he’s let you go.

If you have console version, just create a recording of Urien throwing you in parry training mode. You’ll get it down within a few seconds.

Daaamn I miss 3.3!
Starting from tomorrow I’m going to play it again!

Don’t forget Spartan Bomb --> MP Aegis --> Dash --> Headbutt (which will jump over them even if they’re rolling and set up some nice ping pong options)