How to escape from

i hope everyone has observed knit, or nitto’s(same guy right…the same guy who does ksk ranbats?) trick after his opponent blocks a divekick early.

you know when you just need to divekick? you just need to add pressure? well what happens if you’ve spaced out your RH divekick perfectly against, say, Ken, and then right when you jump up he dashes in. Then the divekick is blocked at head height, rather than optimal belt height. how do you not eat the 50/50. I mean, how do you escape it completly? (by 50/50 i mean s.feirce, throw, dp, low short, option select)

Answer, jump back, then tap forward really fast, and instantly parry any mid-high hit or jab/strong(NOT FEIRCE)dp, avoid throw, and let shorts wiff.

The jump parry comes out just as fast as any attack inputted by your opponent if preformed with the right timing, character specific, blah blah blah.

Now you’re asking me, “well so what, i don’t see how i can punish the mistake even if i do parry!..u scrub, i’m still moving backwards!!!AAAA!!!, yang is so much easier” cries
Incorrect!!!BITCH!!!: I brought this up earlier and everybody said i was wrong but didn’t test…tsk tsk tsk! In 3s, after yun parrys while jumping in ANY direction, he can then divekick…even if he is moving backwards.
It’s kinda like how yang can do jump back fwdXXdivekick.

The above is being abused like crazy by knit and the other yuns. so much so that shotos just don’t dp anymore.
^above trick is also usefull if you’re not sure if a shoto will dp on wake up…just jump back parry that ish!!!

doesn’t that make life easier!!!WHORE THAT SHIT!!!YUN STILL #1, now everyone hates me cause i gave away the secret.:arazz:

here’s a couple examples vs top tiers:
jumpback parry=JBP

vs.ken, JBP jab dp, wiff short divekick, combo or throw. but not command throw, it’s slow and u will get dp’d…you know it’ll get dp’d.:rofl:

vs.chun, JBP close.RH, hit her with delayed forward divekick, land with frame advantage, option select.

vs.urien, JBP EX headbutt twice, wiff short divekcik or make him block the forward one.

there are some exceptions to the rule though:
chun s.jab owns the early divekick and all your pokes and throws. PLUS, she can combo s.jab, d.jabXXsuper on reaction…but that’s realllllllylylylylylylyly hard.

makoto s.jab, is un punishable, and she’ll try and parry your next divekick even if you parry it. if it hits you outta the air, she then dashes behind you and kills you, or if it hits you on the ground or is blocked on the ground, she’ll randomly hurt you.

duds fwd.jab, hits you ducking, so you loose the mix up there, then he also randomizes you if he is keen.

yun/yang, close standing strong or forward, sometimes jab, and feirce. strong recovers fast enough to parry, and with forward, he will jump cancel and be right on top of you…sidenote, try this game with a friend: yunA JBP s.fwd, yunB jump cancels up, yunA wiffs short divekick, yunB short divekick, yunA blocks, yunB JBP s.forward, rinse wash, then go crazy.

the above are the ones that matter…actually, i guess oro’s does to since he can inflict mad damage off his s.strong.

anywayz, thought i’d mention it, and see how people use it.