How to EX dash?

Hey there, pretty new to the forums but already found a few peeps that Ive been practicing with now, so Kudos to SRK and thanks Xbox guys!

Anyway. Sorry if it’s already been asked (i tried flicking through search results with no luck)

I’ve been watching Cammy combo’s and a lot involve something that looks like an EX Dash to juggle. Just wondering how to pull this off?

Cheers for the replys in advance :slight_smile:

The character has to have a command dash in order to EX it (which you do by pushing two of the attack buttons instead of 1)

Unless you’re talking about a focus dash which is when you hold a focus attack and then dash out of it

You might also be thinking of something called a focus attack dash cancel (FADC) which is when you focus attack after a move and it will cancel the move into a focus attack which you can then dash out of (it kind of explains itself…) This is probably the one you’re seeing in the videos. It consumes 2 bars of your super meter to do it.

Otherwise, there is no way to just EX a standard dash.

Well if you wanna know how to EX Dash with Cammys cannon spike, all you do is…

Cannon spike (duh) and as her leg hits your opponent you need to dash out of a focus attack


Cannon Spike ----> Focus Attack ------> Dash (make sure the dash is DURING the start up of the focus attack, in other words… You dont want to attack with the FA you just want to do it to cancel the animation on the Cannon Spike, make sure you have half of your super bar to do this)

There is no such thing as an ex dash. You’re probably seeing people focus attack dash cancel out of a cannon spike.

The command is:

Cannon Spike > focus attack (before Cammy leaves the ground) > dash > (something, usually another cannon spike)

Focus attack dash canceling is a bread and butter mechanic of the SF4 engine.

edit: beat to the punch, lol.

What you saw was most likely a Focus Attack Dash Cancel.

All specials that can be super canceled can also be EX Focus Cancelled (people usually leave out the EX part when talking about Focus Cancels). This consumes two EX bars and causes your special to skip all recovery and immediately go into the charging of a Focus Attack. It is possible for many characters to release the Focus Attack and continue the combo, but most people will simply Dash Cancel the Focus Attack immediately (this is referred to as “FADC”) and do another attack, usually an Ultra.

In order to do an FADC, you simply have to input a Focus Attack (:mp:+:mk:) just as your special hits, then dash either forward or backwards to do the Dash Cancel.

Due to the way inputs are handled in SFIV, it is possible to do the Dash Cancel using only one forward/backward input. This is possible because the game remembers your forward input from the special move, so when you do another forward input after the Focus Cancel, the game recognizes that you have done the two forward inputs necessary for a Dash Cancel and does it. Of course if you need to dash backwards, or if your special move didn’t have a forward input in it, then you will need to do the dash with the usual two inputs. This is important to remember, otherwise you might do too many forward/backward inputs and get two dashes instead of one, which will usually lose you your combo opportunity.

So, if you wanted to do LK Cannon Spike xx FADC, Spin Drive Smasher, it would look like:


If you wanted to do LK Cannon Spike xx FADC Backdash, LK Spiral Arrow, LK Cannon Spike, it would look like:

:dp:+:lk:,:mp:+:mk::l::l:, :qcf:+:lk:, :dp:+:lk:
(you can also do :l:+:mp:+:mk:,:l: instead of :mp:+:mk::l::l:)

Remember that you can only FADC special moves that could be super canceled. In Cammy’s case, this means you cannot FADC her Cannon Strike or her Hooligan Throw.

Awesome guys yeah it was the FADC out of stuff. I have always used the FADC for countering but never realised I could out of moves to get the combo’s. Cheers everyone for answering so quickly.