How to execute funky Kick...NE?

i was wondering how people RC the lk funky kick…after you tap lp+lk with your index and thumb, how do you go about hitting the lk again for the kick?

well, i was eating my honey bunches of oats one morning, and i thought, “hmm…i wonder if i can go like this:”

back, down-back, down, down foward + lp+lk HELD DOWN, then foward while letting go of lk. Does this work? Actually, the better question is, is this a good habit?

WEll, I can’t say there is a right way to do it. All I do when I want to RC the funky kick,is to just press lp+lk, and medium punch. For some reason the funky kicks comes out! IF you wanna be sure 100% of the times (pretending you RC right 100%), press the three kicks and there is no way you are gonna miss RC. You can’t get hit too.


I dunno man, you really just want the short funky kick.

Not if they’re standing. RH Funky Kick is a good move then, because it’s a knockdown that sets up good stuff.

what can it setup?? Like kens crazy crossups?

right now i can pretty much only get rh funky kicks. negative edging and double tapping isn’t going too well…:frowning:

Hey what’s up? I use double tap method but I’m not real consistent with it. The thing about holding down the button like you mentioned is that you need to have a great feel of when to release the button. Some people can do it this way with ease with others prefer double tap.

There’s also the three fingers method but I use that with the jab/lp button. It feels really awkward though if you try it for the short/lk button. You have to slide your ring finger to the short/lk button immediately after using your thumb and middle fingers to input the roll.

Good luck at the ZZ tourney and be sure to record some matches so I can watch!

ok i’m a total ken newbie, and i was just wondering what the rc short funky kick was good for???

plus, how do you know if i successfully executed it? how do you guys test it in the training mode?


THe RC funky kick works like a charm as an AA (anti air). You can use it when your oponent is in the corner. You can use it against poking bastards (like Sagat, etc…) when in close range. YOu can tell when the funky kick comes out because it will knock down the opponent. Sometimes Ken makes the same sounds as if he was rolling, you can tell. You can also tell because it will obviously be invincible against anything that tries to hit you. You will also know because if they try to upper cut you or what have you, they will get hit by the kick no matter what.


Hope it helped.

and execution wise: what is the easiest way?

thanks again

Allright guys, this is how I do it.

I have a stick; not really sure on how to do it on DC or PS2 pad (but I do know how to RC electricity…haha)

Get your stick and press lk. Listen to the sound of it. There is a click as you press it, and a click as you’re taking your finger off. That second click is what I listen/feel for when I try to RC lk stuff.

One way that helps me do this is do hit lk with my thumb, and then immediately slide my thumb to the plexiglass of the controller (or wood, or whatever your stick is made of) so I can “feel” the air pressure that comes from the lk rising up a few millimeters. Heh, not really, but it’s hard to explain, and that’s the best way I could think of describing it.

As for the motion, I usually roll at down-back or down, preferably at down. The motion is what usually kills me; I’m kind of lazy, so even though my negative edging for the buttons might fall in place for the strict timing of RCs, my left hand is sometimes not fast enough for the 3/60ths or 5/60ths (not sure which is true) of a second required for the motions.

:lol: if you’re left-handed or ambidextrous, you might have an easier time with this…im guessing left-handed people jack off with their left hands…more practice :lol:

So yeah, my success rate is still only about 6/10. I’ve been practicing other characters more and putting Ken aside…but this way is better than any other way I’ve seen on this board. At least for me.

I found a pretty nice technic, sort of mix between many different technics.
First of all, try to roll without pressing lp and lk at the same moment but one after another (i will call this lp~lk or lk~lp, that’s the same). This needs to be done very fast.
To do a hadouken lp rc, u’ll just have to do this:
Down+lp~lk , down forward, forward+ release lp
This is easy and work very nicely
For the kick, just do back, back down, down + lk~lp, down forward, forward + release lk. It’s harder for the kick because of the thumb (i trained by exchanging the lp and lk position on my stick: works 100%)