How to FADC?

I’ve been trying to do Daigo’s DP + FADC+ ultra and I’m having trouble understanding the exact inputs for a FADC.

I’ve pulled it off 3 times in training mode but I’m not sure if I used too many inputs for the FADC part.

What I’m doing is

f, d, df, hard dp. Then I do a FA and tap forward twice just as the first hit of the DP connects.then i pause for a little bit and do the ultra.

my question is, do I need to tap forward twice when I FADC out of the DP and does it matter at what stage of the DP I do it at, or does it have to be right as the first hit connects?

You want to focus attack on the last hit on the ground, so you launch your opponent in to the air but stay grounded yourself, so for Ryu that would be on the first hit, yeah - second hit you’re already in the air so you can’t focus cancel. And yes, the focus attack dash cancel bit means when you fa you then dash out of it, so tap :r::r:, or less common but in some situations: :l::l:.

HawkinsT got it right, by why do people refer to it as “Daigo’s combo?” It’s a ryu bread and butter combo, just because daigo is good at landing it doesn’t mean it’s his combo. Plenty of people were doing it before him also.

He’s most consistent at it. Combos are frequently named after people. the ROM infinite wasn’t actually invented by him (Some dude in NY was doing something similar in 2k1), but ROM from Japan gets credit for it. It’s just more stupid shit that the Street Fighter community lives by.

I guess I’ll stop calling all my combos “Mixahs” then :frowning:

Yeah, one of Sagat’s BnB’s is called “Ojisan combo” because Ojisan boi was the dude who made it popular. Blanka’s 50/50 Ultra is called “Mizoteru bomber” for the same reason. Either way, I really doubt Daigo invented DP FADC Ultra, and noone calls it Daigo combo. More people would recognize it by it’s colloquial name - Ryu’s cheese combo.

Valaris <3

I thought “Daigo’s combo” was gut punch, c.hp 1 frame link, DP xx shinkuu

You guys are probably right about the name. I just called it the daigo combo because I see him use it most often. Or at the very least, pull it off the most often.

Thanks for the help guys.

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also the Ume Shoryu lol

Yeah shoryu FADC Ultra is really funny to call Daigo’s combo because once you learn how the shortcut system in this game works you really have to have cold fingers to miss that combo. You pretty much can’t play Ryu without that combo.

I’d say daigo’s most signature combo is c.jab, standing jab, sweep.

10 bux says he forgot to turn infinite super meter on
FADC takes 2 bars

I found the Dragon Punch -> FADC -> Ultra to be a little too much to learn in one chunk, so I recommend doing it in parts. A lot of people struggle with pushing button for LP DP and then two for focus, so you can remap focus to your MP or LK button to make it easier until you get the hang of it.

If anything, “signature” Daigo moves would be crossup air tatsu into super, or walk up EX tatsu into ultra in the corner. Those are two tactics I see him use a lot.

For Chun, we call the c.lp, s.rh frame trap the “Nemo String” because he’s the one who really spread its usage.

Anyway, on topic - as was suggested, try doing it in parts. Just get used to doing DP -> FA cancel. Once you’ve got that down, then you can try DP -> FA dash cancel. And once you’ve got that, you can move onto DP -> FADC -> Ultra.

qft… when people call it the “daigo” combo (btw I’ve never heard a real player call it that) it makes it sound like some difficult combo only he can do when in fact even the most basic ryu scrubs can hit fadc > ultra with ease. Does Daigo also get credit for Ken’s low forward xx super in 3s?

i always thought the ume shoryu was a psychic dp out of nowhere…

the few combos that i’ve seen him use more consistently than other ryus are:

cr.jab, cr.jab, st.jab, cr.roundhouse

f.fierce, cr.strong, cr.strong, cr.forward into tatsu

Is there a shortcut to do a FADCxxUltra? For instance I know if you want to ultra out of a fadc for a charge char you can just do a -> <- -> 3k while holding onto back and FA. Whats the shortcut for doing FADCxxUltra with Ryu?

there isn’t really a shortcut. Just dragon punch, focus cancel, dash forward and do the ultra. It’s kind of difficult at first if you are new to fighters but once you get it it’s really easy to do. I know it seems really difficult to do it that fast but keep practicing.

When regular tactics with C.Viper include adding in cancelling a super jump inbetween a FADC cancel I guess Ryu’s just feels easy mode. Think of what it’d be like if Ryu had the ability to do a shoryu FADC Ultra with no meter wasted during the dash? Well you still have to waste one meter to hit the opponent with an EX seismo to start the combo but the dash costs no meter. So she basically gets one EX bar Ultra set ups that don’t require a burn kick. This also allows you to do a sweep at the end with 1 frame timing (easier with P-linking) so Viper’s unconventional shoryu when connected sets up an untechable knockdown for vortexes.

To do all of this with C.Viper you have to add in a down up command before you even do the forward dash. So you’re basically doing shoryu, down, up (wait split second) MP+MK, dash forward then Ultra. When you are trained to do all of that consistently I mess around with Ryu and wonder how anyone fucks that shit up. Ryu gets a whole year to land the Ultra afterwards compared to C.Viper as well. With C.Viper even after all of that shit you still h have to place the Ultra in a specific spot while they’re airborne from the EX seismo or you lose the match. That specific spot also VARIES from character to character LOL. You can’t just start the Ultra the first frame you recover from the dash like Ryu.

With Ryu the shortcut to doing FADC Ultra is basically not doing a full shoryu command to start the ultra if you are doing so. It’s unnecessary to do a full f,d,df command to start the shoryu and then go into Ultra. All high level Ryu/Sagat players never do the traditional super turbo motion for shoryu. It’s fucking useless. Especially with how long everyone’s air normals stay active in this game u want to give as little leeway to get jumped in on as possible. When you do a full f,d,df command not only is it a waste of a motion but it forces you to stand up in order to do the command. Which basically means people trying to jump in on you with stuff like Guile’s j.HK or Honda’s j.HP will have more success if you are trying to DP them from the air the traditional super turbo way. You could bypass this in the old days but it required some kind of skill. Like you have you do a quick crouching attack right before the opponent’s air attack was in your attacking range then shoryu.

Though if you do a shortcutted motion of df,d,df to do the shoryu then not only are you moving the stick less to begin with but you stay in a crouching position while still being able to do a shoryu. This is how Mago and other Sagats basically rapes Zangiefs and Hondas. They can’t jump in at all with a majority of their air normals because in older ST games Sagat would have to be in his super tall standing position to start a shoryu which even that is enough time to get jumped in on in a clutch situation. Though in SFIV the very first frame you start to motion on the stick for a shoryu you are considered crouching if you use the shortcut. So you make your hit box considerably smaller and the most Gief or Honda can do is simply trade with your uppercut with this strategy. So you either guess right and you beat them out of the air clean or on counter hit or you guess wrong and you get hit as well for a trade. Though that doesn’t fucking matter because you’re Ryu/Sagat and you get rewarded for trading an uppercut and basically get a no meter Ultra setup.

So yeah just motion df,d,df+P to stay crouching during the shoryu and save inputs, then hit MP+MK and mash forward on the stick. Free Ultra since if you do this right you get a light year to land ultra after it’s all done. Just motion the ultra once you pop them up in the air and wonder why it was hard.