How to fight against an air tight defense?

I just started playing this amazing game for the first time in a few years, and I’m learning Spiderman from scratch. Never played as him in any game ever unitl a few days ago.

I’m finding myself doing the same things over and over. Jump in with a magic combo, try for the launcher and finish the air combo. Either jump in or rush in with ducking short, forward, standing roundhouse. I can’t seem to do anything againts a good defense, as Spiderman has no real chip damage specials, and if I try to throw turtles, I get blasted as soon as I do. When I can get in, it’s combo city, but then the guys I play will put up a wall that I just can’t break. I’m helpless, and then just resort to calling assists in the hopes of confusing my opponent.

Does spidey have any good crossovers I’m missing out on? Any general tips? Thanks,

EDIT: I’ll have it known that I’m 100% pure offense when I play as Spidey. Usually, I will mix it up and wait to be attacked… no matter what game it is. But I don’t feel confident in letting someone attack me as him. I never use his spider sting since I’m not liking the priority. I guess I should hang back more often?

try playing cable sentinel and commando.

Or, try pairing Spidey with Doom, or any assist with chipping ability…

I encourage you to take a look through the old Spidey threads by searching the threads through the beginning. There’s a lot stuff on them.

I can tell you some stuff with Spidey/Doom though.

You can get an easy mode damage with Doom by way of:

cr. lk,, st. hk + Doom /\ sj. hp xx Maximum Spider.


cr. lk, cr. lk., st. hk + Doom /\ sj. lp, sj. lk xx hk web swing xx Maximum Spider.


(rollable)cr. lk + Doom, cr. hk xx Crawler Assault xx DHC.

Also, locking down your opponent is easier with Doom, as you can tiger knee web balls all day while Doom is chipping. Also, corner lockdown is extremely possible with this duo.

Also, with your magic series, instead of ending with a sj. hp, or sj. hk, end it with a lp web ball. That way you can throw as soon as they recover. Though it is techable, it will set up a guard break if you can web dash properly if they do tech. Remember to order your team Spidey/xxx/Doom(or replace doom with an assist with good chip), it sets up for stuff a lil easier, and it helps to make your second character someone who is solid and/or has a great dhc.

Anywho this is some stuff to start you off. Be sure to search this thread from the beginning to find even more tricks and tips. I hope this helps you.

explain plz

After someone techs a regular throw in the air, they are considered in normal jump mode. And so you can guard break them as you would if they were coming on screen.

Though it isn’t really useful with Spidey, it is something that you could possibly use as a surprise tactic. Take a look at this:

cr. lk, cr. lk, st. hk /\ magic xx lp web ball, throw(teched), web dash jab, pause, sj. lk, sj. lk, sj. fp.

As I said, it isn’t very useful with Spidey, but it is an option if a throw is teched.

heres some vids of what marvel gameplay looks like today:

whats your location jorant?

So exactly what team do you play Jorant?

I’m in Rockford IL (near chicago). Here’s a little invite to anyone that lives near there… I need competition to show me what I’m doing. I’ve got game gatherings all the time (mostly for VF4evo), but if anyone would want to play me, feel free. Here’s my arcade room:

Anyhow, my team is… well, I don’t know. The only guys I use constantly at the moment are Spiderman and Capcom. I really am trying to get into Venom again. I used to use him all the time in MvsC1. I know I should learn the power houses like Magneto and Storm, but for now I’m playing the characters I like. Spiderman’s easily my best right now for the simple fact that I ALWAYS play as him, so… If I had to pick my best team, it would be Capcom AAA, Spiderman and Strider.

So what teams do you have trouble fighting against?