How to fight: Dhalsim



Well ive just had it with this match up.

I get totally owned to hell when it comes to a good sim player. Can never do wakeup. Cant catch him in air because he teleports. Cant do anything really.

Going to work in a minute so a question before i leave.

How do you beat a good sim with Elf? Any tactics/tricks would be nice here.

Only one i can think of is doing a roundhouse right off his teleport to catch him with guacamole but thats it.



Here’s one thing I’ve noticed when it comes to fighting Dhalsim. When he stretches his limbs, he also extends his “damage box” If he’s doing an HP in the air, try cr.:hp: on him and see what happens. Try the same on his ground teleports.

Another thing would be to try EX Dashes when he’s on the ground attacking.


There’s usually a certain type of Dhalsim I have problems with. The mass-teleporter. They spend the entire match teleporting either far away from you or behind you into H. Punch. Occasionally, I run and tostada late enough that I catch them after they port behind me, but it doesn’t make it any easier.


They generally teleport right behind you above your head. Run in and bait the teleport, then stop and hit low fierce, or guac backwards. When dhalsim does a IAT behind you it’s just like any other jumpin, you can just antiair it with low fierce when he appears or guac him.

When you knock down dhalsim, if you tortilla or slide with proper timing, you’ll still recover in time if he teleports out to punish it.


wow, really great advice, ryu. thanks. i always have trouble with good sim players.


alot of time my first round against a sim, i’ll let him get comfortable teleporting on wake up to escape a few mixups, then by second rounds or so, if i need it, i’ll score a knockdown, and as soon as i see him teleporrt on wake up, i ultra and jump over to him. it works surprisingly well

another thing is if i see him teleport from across the screen, i’ve gotten in the habit of jumping straight up and hiting instant air grab. its safe to do and grabs them if they actually teleported by you, also scores a knockdown

the key to the match is not to chase him, hes gonna want you to do that, and is most effective that way. just approach him patiently if your down on life

if you’re up on life, dont even approach him at all, wait for him to come to you, he will eventually, and it will be much easier for you to not get caught up in sim gimmicks


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