How to fight Rufus as Akuma?

My friend recently started to play Rufus against my Akuma. I have to admit, I’m pretty confused for how to handle him. Most of Rufus’ dive kick pressure seems relatively safe, though perhaps I could insta-reaction DP them. I can’t really seem to find a hole in Rufus’ defense. Is this match-up very dependent on me getting him into the Vortex and locking him down? If so, what would find effective set-ups for this match-up? Or just any general tips would be appreciated.

Vortex isn’t really that important in this match-up, especially since tatsu-sweep doesn’t work on the fat-guy.
I haven’t fought THAT many good rufuses online, cuz he’s really not a popular character (I’d assume that’s cuz of his idiotic behaviour and unattractive looks), but I’ve fought at least a couple throughout the years lol.

I found zoning to be extremely good in this match-up, and punishing his attempts to jump over with makes wonders. Whenever he’s close I just mash teleport, there is nothing he can do about it lol.
If you ever land a DF throw, you should consider going for a set-up. It goes like this:
DF throw —> dashx1 --> EX DF—> delayed dive kick.
It’s a crossup and you land on the other side, plus his EX messiah kicks whiffs. Though I might be wrong here, haven’t used it for a long time lol.
And whenever I decide to close the gap and go for a block string I ALWAYS end my cr.lp\ string with the because Rufus wants to initiate his attack after your block-string, and they always wanna do it with a jump in dive kick, and will just knock him out of his jump animation start-up frames lol.

Hope this litlle bit of information helps you, at least a tiny bit xD

Actually, cr.HP can reach you from very far away. In fact GOOD Rufus players will bait you into teleporting on wakeup and BAD Rufus players will catch on sooner or later… And if they don’t, they shouldn’t be playing Rufus at all.

Cross-ups on wakeup are your best bet against Rufus. The problem is getting the UTK (Un-Techable Knockdown) against him. After fwd throw you can bait EX Messiah kicks by doing dash x 2, MK DF palm. Don’t meet Rufus Air-to-Air because he will mess you up and he can U1 off an Air HK which hits twice and leaves you hanging for the follow up ultra… Ouch! If your opponent Rufus is fond of dive kicks, try to dial into his timing and MP SRK him out of the air a few times to teach him NOT to jump in carelessly on your Akuma. If he likes to dive kick in close quarters in quick succession, jump back quick HP or HK will snuff him out.

U2 is the prefered ultra in this matchup, since you have a few more situations where you can land U2 garanteed than U1. Essentially, you have to wait for him to do something really stupid to punish him with your ultra.

Like Ganishka said however, there aren’t really a lot of Rufus players online anymore. Used to be much more active during SF4’s Vanilla days. Now you’ll meet up with the odd Rufus user and the main problem will come from not having enough experience against him to know what to do.

fs.hp is invaluable in this matchup to anti air, to frame trap and to stuff instance dive kick after strings. Be wary on the latter if he has EX stocked.

Don’t forget os tech/dive kick stuffer.

Some videos that might help you out:

Here’s a 2012 corner setup courtesy of LoyalSol.

A 2012 match between Infiltration (Akuma) and chobixinco (Rufus).

A Super match between Tokido (Akuma) and Justin Wong (Rufus). Ignore the Air Hurricane at 4:39. It cannot be done anymore.

By the way can anyone explain if and how the matchup has changed from Vanilla to 2012?

Ultra 2 changes a lot in this matchup as once stocked, Rufus can’t do EX messiah. Akuma’s reduced stun from vanilla is also pronounced, although its still entirely possible to stun Rufus without it getting ridiculous like other characters.

Otherwise I think this matchup remains the same. If anything, its become better for Akuma with the addition of U2 and Rufus’ revised damage output.

If you land U2 dash, dash, tiny step forward (think of the similar setup off sweep) and its a safejump that also puts you in range for cross up tatsu.

Dont forget meaty will cause EX messiah to whiff after the first hit if he does it on wakeup.

I have a hard time stuffing dive kicks with fs.HP. They come out so fast, it seems impossible to snuff them out with it, unless my opponent is doing dive kicks always at peak and from reasonably far away.

This is actually untrue.

In what sense?

U2 is invaluable VS Rufus as it cuts out a lot of his options and with Rufus’ damage output being reduced keeps Akuma in the game longer if Rufus sinks his teeth in. Akuma’s U2 usability VS Rufus is also one hell of a lot better than Ultra 1 which is difficult to land against a capable one.

To say both these points are untrue to me frankly is a bit of a stretch. I’m curious to learn why you feel this is the case.

Doh I bolded the wrong part of the quote!. I meant the Rufus can’t do EX Messiah part. The truth is Rufus has a way to use EX Messiah and avoid the U2 punish. It isn’t the air tight punish we thought it was. A well timed low follow up beats reversal U2.

What about reversal teleport>U2 as a punish to get the extended hitbox?

It should work if you get it instantly, but if you are a few frames off you may not be able to punish in time if Rufus chooses to neutral.

The main deal with the raw U2 is that if Rufus times the c.MK late his hit boxes duck just low enough to avoid it.

Wouldn’t a delayed low follow up lose to level 2 focus attack? It’s an option at least if it works.

Rufus doesn’t have to do the low attack till he sees the ultra.