How to fight vs Yang?

I just came from web2zone today and got my ass handed to me continually by KOFiend. First Yang I ever played and man that dude is too nice. But the main thing I noticed while playing him was that I couldn’t see any holes in his play that I could try to counter with Necro. Every attempt I made…failed. So I just wanted to ask the fellow Necro players if they know what to do vs Yang. Anyone who knows anything can contribute :D. Thanks in advance.

Check on youtube.

Now walk forward, always gets in his face and choose SA3, get a parry and stun him.

Parry is the only way? That’s pretty depressing…
But you’re right, the only thing I had when I played vs Yang was parry -> counter. Any more tips from u guys?

Magnetic Storm, not ElSnake.

Vs the twins Magnetic Storm shuts down 3/4 of their game, because it kills all dive kicking. Plus, if he hesitates between rekkas you can mash one out and counter.


the only thing is that I dont wanna rely on a super to win, you know? I tried using magstorm, but some yangs are fearless and leave no space to counter without the parry. Thanks for input though bebop!

I’ve always used SA1 against him, but just recently I’ve been using SA3 (because of Uni, haha) with very good results actually. Yang is alot more a ground character than Yun and therefore a, c.lp/ cancelled to a SA3 is alot easier and more likely to hit Yang. And against him it takes a way a pretty nice piece of his life bar plus the stun. Altho, the SA1 does some hefty damage and can be used to counter his air game as well, so it’s up to you. But I wouldn’t rule out SA3 as a possibility at all.

If you want to know how to fight him with normals watch Uni vs. KO in one of the latest KSK Ranbats, he pretty much has got it down to perfection (but nevertheless he has a hard time, haha). Good luck lad!

doesn’t wanna rely on a supers or parrying to win?

should play someone that’s not necro…

ya true that though. whenever i play against any of the twins, SAI and wait for a parry. face it, if necro tries to do any of his BNB combos or picks, the twins own him at that. plus necro is too easy to parry.

for dive kicks:
parry -> grab, then work on my distance so he cant come in and rape you.

for reaching cr. kicks/punches (they own necro’s ground game):
parry -> back dash and pick with mp (not fp cause that is just way to easy to pary and punish)

durning their SAIII:
get the fuck away, rapid back dashes
if yang does is command dash thing or yun does his dash puch thing, then SJxxlk dive spiral and then wait for their meter to drain.

usually when the meter goes out, some desperate players try to get that last hit in so they can air combo. when that happens, get that parry in or grab for a distance reset.

just play patient with them and let them make a mistake and BNB combo. other than that, necro gets owed 8/10 easilly

as for yang (during SAIII), jumping away isn’t too bad of an option, but i suggest you don’t even try to jump or spiral kicks when yun is in GJ. He can easily catch up to you in time to catch you in the air. Your best bet in winning vs twins is to bait them in the corner, or get them in the corner, and just play necro’s sick ass corner game.

Necro > all when pressuring in corner.

when twins vs necro:
-as yang in corner, one or two sucessful consecutive parries == necro’s mixup stoped and punished

-as yun in corner, same but with alot more punishment due to his midscreen knock backs and wake up cross up that everyone and they grandmama does

i love playing necro, on the real. but necro can’t come ontop all the time, period. his mixup is just nasty when you scare someone or confuse them, but if a button pressing twin is in the corner, necro can get hit.

however, just keeping someone in the corner for one of necros BNB combos is fucked enough. i wanna see necro on top 5 this SBO, not not fuckin chun, yun, ken again.

the twins own necro.

Now pick SA1 and hit confirm your b+mp,

twins not own necro …(nots is a default win)
if you think necro is a low tier and you can’t win
why you pick necro??.. i think you can win only you need is understand the game and think for yourselft

i doesnt really matter what the player thinks, i matters what he/she does. if you think you play like shit, but you will 75% of the time, you still win despite your thinking. there are tiers in 3S, definatly, and necro is not at the top.

if you can bet the twins wid necro, power to you, but when you get that SBO/EVO level yun, chun, or ken, necro is for sure to lose.

Iparryu is absolutely right. I can deal some severe ownage with necro against low-mid players, even some damn good players, but the top players, kyc users, are beyond difficult, its an entirely different game when they srk drill kicks on reaction and red parry a jab hook so damn frequently. Necros wakeup is crap, and his hitbox is even worse.

I dont think he deserves low tier status, but hes not good enough to win seriously.

if you think this please stop post shit about necro…
i hate people like you … because you a lot of people think "necro players are scrubs"
i am not a scrub … i play to win all time and i think you can win vs twins
only is more hard but you can win
stop make excuses about yun , chun , ken ,frame data and shit …only you prove you weakness

I dont know a single twelve player who believes he can kick ass against top kyc players, they know they have a fucking hard time winning, and that the matchup really is NOT in their favour, same applies for necro but in a less severe way. I dont know what kind of players you play coreo, either theyre shit compared to top level players, or ure absolutely blindingly good with necro beyond anything anyone has ever seen.

I really dont wanna put necro down, hes well fun to use. But he is easily beatable depending on the matchups. None of his matchups are 0-10 obv, theyre around 2-8, of course u can win, its just a really hard ride.

is 2-8 … vs yun (the necro worst hard match up)
is 3-7 vs yang

you can win… i don’t try say “i am necro master and necro owns every” …i try say is more important understand the game and play smart. (vs remember a number) …look kuroda , hayao , uni ,TM , yamasaki …etc
they can add wins vs top players because they understand the game and not make mistakes they can adapt sooo quick vs a oponent.
is true you are in disadvantage …but sound like a excuse. some people pick necro not because they love necro . they pick necro because the bad match ups … they use this for not make nothing better only for hide they weakness…
i hate this people

excuse me english

look i love necro, when i play in shibuya (like i do 3 times a week) i always choose necro. im not making an excuse, i am telling it how it is. do i beat yuns, kens, and chuns, ya, will i if i goto SBO, sure the fuck not. look at PinoAB7, he is a damn good necro player, but does he come out ontop all the time? no, who does he get his ass handed by (if he does lose) ken, chun, or yun.

that is just the fact of it, im not going to start picking people cause they are tierd, i m gonna pick them cause i like them, and that is exactly why i ALWAYS choose necro.

chun is necro’s worst match up by far, imo. every other match is very much reasonably in your grasp. ken is at worst 5.5-4.5 with necro, and the twins are 6-4 at worst. chun is the only 8-2 match he has. necro is a very capable character, just very demanding of whoever uses him.

hmm, true that. but i would say more like 6 - 4 for ken from what ive seen (ya i know it is only a 0.5 change). and yun i would say 8 - 2 as well IMO. but chun does own necro, any pick of necros can be counted by chun just about.

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my bad man. we got into another tier and match up war. i keep it clean now