How to find out properties of attacks?


So, I’m getting decent at the game now, even though my execution is ass. But the biggest problem is, I have no idea how to deal with various things like Fuertes move, where he jumps in the air and grabs me. I have no clue how to deal with that. So I’ve been wondering which way I can find out how something works, essentially.


set the training dummy to record, make fuerte do his move you are having probs with, set to playback repeat, try and find ways out of it basically. thats how i did it whenever i had probs with a move. pretty sure thats how everyone else does it too.

the move you are talking about you can get away from by jumping, problem is though his MP version is a hit instead of a throw and so will hit you out of that. backdash at the right time may work also, or invincible reversal.

edit : you will find this happens to you less and less (people spamming the same move over and over) the better you get at the games.


Here are Ryu’s hit boxes (you can find the rest on that site):

Google is awesome.


Yeah Training Mode is good for recording a move and seeing if you can evade / stuff / punish it.
And the website rcorporon linked is good for higher detailed info.

Unfortunately you chose the hardest character ‘vortex’ to start with, El Fuerte’s running jump-grab / jump-slam / sweep is something most of the cast juust have to guess their way out of.

  • Jump to stop the grab
  • Block upwards to stop the slam
  • Block downwards to stop the sweep.

As you can see, It’s a guessing game there. =)
Good Luck