How to find Security Question for Computer Admin?


I recently got a computer from a relative. The problem is, this relative is the Computer’s Admin and she cannot remember her password. I was wondering if there is a way to change this, perhaps by beginning with finding a security question to recover the password. The operating system is Windows Vista.

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Looks like option 2 is your best/cheapest bet.

Use a password recovery CD or reinstall Vista assuming you have the key for it. The former is a bootable CD that will blank out a user’s password. I’ve done this a few times on XP. It claims to have been updated for Vista.

Not sure if this works on vista but with XP most home users never set the administrator password. Reboot and go into safe mode will show the admin user OR you can just do a atl ctrl delete to get a login screen.

Vista takes an extra step in security and disables the administrator account by default. That means if you forget your password before enabling the admin account, logging into safe mode won’t do any good because the admin account is disabled and therefore you can’t change your password, let alone log-in.

You can enable the administrator account under user accounts in control panel. If you were unfortunate enough not to and forgot your password then try Trinity Rescue Kit (will need to burn to a disk as an iso) and then check this vid out on the steps to take.