How to find solder spots/points in a controller PCB?

Hello guys, i was wondering since i have a multimeter lying around my rooms but am not that good at using it, and here in mexico at least where i am is hard to find those psx pads for hacking.

I was wondering if i bought some other type of controller how would i know where to solder, and how do i find out with a multimeter???

any help would be apreciated?

thanks in advance:wink:

In pads with a hard pcb that interacts directly with the buttons, at least, it’s pretty obvious. You can see the two points each button touches on the pcb; one is for the button itself and the other is for the ground. You can see which is which just by looking for any connection to any other buttons, and that’s the ground.

ah thanks for the advice, but i was thinking since theres tons of 3rd party controllers out there isnt there and easy way of finding a solder spot with the MULTIMETER???