How to find tournament venue

couldnt find any other thread to post this question. I want to start hosting tournaments in my local area for SFIV, i know how the rules work and all i just want to ask how do i find a venue? like how do i contact local arcades or restaurants to see about hosting a tourney there? any help or guidiance in any direction would help. thanx

Try LAN centers,Masonic lodges,pizza places arcades and gbowling alleys even a local buffet restaurant. Just think,srk and Google search engines are your friend

What you need is a room large enough for X stations (do the match on the expected attendance and you can figure out how many stations), as cheap as humanly possible.

For a small tourney, try community centers, YMCA, stuff like that.

Avoid the larger, commercial conference centers…they are hella expensive.

Wakeup SRK podcast on community building.

try to find local small businesses which will benefit from the the event through door fees. You need to be professional.

College campuses can work too.

I don’t understand your concern about how to contact arcades or restaurants though. I mean, if you already have some in mind, what is wrong with just walking in and talking to a manager?

I usually use lan centers and fork a small venue fee their way. For our $5 tournaments we do a $3 venue fee per person to pay the lan center and they’re happy to have us because of that :wink:

If they’re skeptical about whether or not that’s gonna be enough cash, point out there’s gonna be a bunch of guys in there buying drinks too, if they sell drinks that is.

Be friendly and professional about everything too, they’re not gonna want to work with you if it seems like it’s more trouble than it’s worth.

If you can’t find any lan centers you can probably set it up at a pizza place or something like that, or possibly in a class room if you’re in college. If you’re trying to get a class room make sure you talk to the person that runs the building or complex you want to host in and make 100% sure they’re cool with it. Classrooms are usually free, but it can be a lot more trouble to get them booked so it’s up to you on that one.

Good luck!