How to fix a PDP Fightpad

Ok so I have a Marvel PDP Fightpad and my joystick on is well its not broken but I can not feel the micro-switch activators, so its hard to tell if I am moving forward or holding down forward. What I want to know is if there is someone who knows how to fix a PDP fightpad or if there is a tutorial, or should I just pay another 40 bucks and get the 360 version?

Here are the options I recommend because not a whole lot of people here own PDP’s Marvel Fightpad.

Buy another PDP Fightpad or move onto a Fight Stick. Fightpads tend to wear out more easily than a Fight Stick. If this thread were a Fight Stick repair question, then it would be a lot easier for other members to help out. I’d highly recommend that you buy a Fight Stick because fight sticks has of variety of replacement parts and custom parts for cosmetics on your stick.

But then again this is just my solution to your issue.

My friend got the PDP pad for the PS3 and the right shoulder button stopped working. He loves that controller, but it only lasted about 3 months or so. If PDP can make them a bit more reliable, I’d say they have something amazing.

I would say that you should just buy a second one, but keep the old one for spare parts. If your new one does break, you can desolder the good microswitches from your old one to put in the new one.

if your not too picky i’d say try out the madcatz SFIV pad or the hori FC3. I hear they’re solid pads, plus they last longer than the PDP ones (so i hear)

Maybe the microswitches went bad. Buy some new ones, desolder the old ones, solder in the new ones, and you’re good to go. Unless it’s a PCB issue.

is it really worth repairing it though? you can get a new one for like $40 right?

Honestly very few gamepads (EVER) worth repair, none of PDP’s gamepads even make that list.

Most game pads that are worthy of repair are rare or discontinued.

Just get a new Game pad or better yet get a Arcade stick.

I’ll sell you my black one. PM me if you’re interested. It’s been used a few times. I’m just used to the fight pad or the fight stick.

careful selling isn’t allowed outside of the trading post.

So many rules in this forum. What’s the big deal? I’m just giving him a heads up. I better not get an infraction for this.

My PDP broke the other day. I was so pissed. My right directional “went soft” – as in I couldn’t feel the click on the microswitch when I hit that direction. Worse, it got stuck moving in that direction in neutral. It would have me flying all over the character select screen or moving forwards or backwards in battle. I tried taking it apart to see what the deal was and if I could fix it, and it’s pretty unfixable lol. I tossed it in the trash. I only got 2 months of play out of it. Barely. But it was $20, so I’ll just get another until the SFxT pads hit.

I went back to my silver xbox controller and the dpad flew off. This is the same day lol. All I have left is arcade stick, which isn’t my cup of tea… but it’ll have to do.

Shame the PDP broke, it’s a great pad. They should fix the quality issues.

I know this subject is of interest because, while good while they last, these things don’t withstand hard hands that well. Make sure you keep the receipts for them as they have a lengthy 2 year warranty to be exercised.

Uh these PDP pads are 14.99 at GameStop brand new.

if its just the shoulder button thats broken, “worth fixing” is really a question of time not money

tact switch + shipping < $1

thanks for the tip, I bought one today and opened it up. the shoulders are tact switches as I suspected. the back, start, guide buttons are resistive pads. the 6 face buttons are YSA brand microswitches 3 pin PCB mount but they only actually use 2 pins. everything is common ground including the D-pad. I could not confirm if the GUIDE button is common ground but it probably is. there is no analog stick support for this controller despite the fact that the picture shows an analog joystick looking thing.

EDIT: here are some suitable replacements for the micrswitches.

The D-pad on the PS3 version of this thing I got recently unfortunately has a bit of a “wobbly” feel to it. It’s not quite as sensitive as I’d like unlike my Xbox version I bought some time ago. Anyone have suggestions on how to make the stick tighter?

Very easy to solder to for pad hacks, so don’t chuck it.

Plan to use mine in the VSHG project I got going on.