How to fix Mortal Kombat


I’m not disagreeing with anything you’ve said except the fanboy part. I’m not fanatical about it, I just enjoy them for what they are.

This thread was a “what if” not a “what they should do”. It was a “what if MK continued to evolve the same way Capcom and SNK fighters did”. Things they could have added that other fighters had.

I should have phrased it better in the OP. In retrospect it certainly seems like the “save MK” sort of thread, but it was intended as a “How they could have not become a joke”


i can’t stand 3D MK games solely because the movement/physics feels awkward especially with jumping/falling (seems jerky or too sudden, i can’t quite explain it)… this is also present to a certain degree in games like VF, Tekken and Soul Calibur

i’m glad SF4 didn’t have the same defect… it got me worried when i found out it will be in 3D

so yeah… fix that, add hitstun and remove chip damage from normals… that would be a good start


Strawman, that wasn’t my stance.

You called him a fanboy of some sub-type you created right here and now, and then made a generalization about fighting game fans not wanting MK to be better (wrong). Nobody argued that MK wasn’t crappy (case in point this thread) so don’t try to use that in defense.


Even 2.5D would work in MK’s favor. Not saying that “If it worked for Street Fighter…” but considering that the strongest MK titles were 2D, and nothing past that has even come remotely close, I would say that a step to bridge the two would really help matters.

Aside from the massive steps that would need to be taken to actually create a game that doesn’t have insane imbalances and infinites and stupidity abound.


Kalyx, any way that you could repost that MK blog to this site’s blog function?


Ironically enough some parts of the original blog I no longer agree with and my ideas have changed somewhat. I suppose I could copy-pasta the parts I still agree with (as with the paragraphs in this thread) and simply add the new ideas I have. I never used the blog function here so I guess it’s a start.



mk was supposed to be aquick project, according to him.

its much easier to program a block button than it is to make back = block. mortal kombat has always been a lazy attempt from a development standpoint.

really theres so many problems with mk that I dont have time to list them all.

I have class at 12:30 and its 8 am now…


What does everyone around here seem to hate about the Mortal Kombat games?

I mean, I haven’t played any of those games in a while, but I remember the MK games in the mid 90’s alot more than I remembered the street fighter games. They seemed more well known and popular at that time.


MK games are often an unbalanced mess of a fighting game hidden under silly annual gimmicks. It’s lack of depth is a major point of issue. Also factor in the developer’s disinterest in making MK a truly competitive, tourny viable game. Me and my friends brainstormed better Mortal Kombat games than the ones that were released, just as many others have done I’m sure. I believe a lot of the frustration comes from the fact that Mortal Kombat indeed has one of the strongest mythologies in fighting games. A decent back story packed with a subpar fighting engine.


Recent MK games are some decent visual novels with various minigames that offfer you control over characters (one of them being game’s VS mode). When MK vs DC came out, I believe many people enjoyed its story mode …on Youtube.


Not to mention that they keep recreating the fighting engine every single time they create a new game, which is extremely stupid from a development POV. I will never understand why Boon was so adamant about running MK into the ground. “Oh, all games have infinites, so we don’t care if Superman and The Flash have full-screen infinites from spamming the same one/two moves. Just watch our [media=youtube]luhqdWhTmG8#t=0m5s[/media] instead!”


yes, they were very popular and they made a lot of money. however, some hardcore FG players think FG companies should develop FG with their interests in mind (ie: being competitive, tournaments, etc) rather than being motivated purely by greed and profit. you know, like Capcom did with SF4. oops, bad example.


come to think of it, I didn’t care much about the MK gameplay itself and didn’t consider myself a fighting game enthusiast or guru. I mostly played 2-player mode (by myself) to practice my fatalities, babalities, animalities, etc. and trying to memorize the inputs for each of them.


MK games make a bunch of money by being shitty. Really, what will be the incentive to make a better game if they can sell them as the brain vomit that they currently are?


Yeah, MKvDC just barely saved Midway from total ruin (for a little while), so people are buying. I suppose it’s similar to how Wii sales like hotcakes despite it not focusing on pulling core gamers. MK is not for core fighting gamers.


SF doesn’t have MK characters.


MKDC was a pretty good start if you exclude the infinites and FFK/TYM. They need to keep that engine, and change the following:

-Change block to back/down-back
-Change backdash to double-tap back
-Remove Free Fall & Test Your Might
-Remove the infinites
-Speed up movement
-ADD REPTILE! :smiley:

They do that…I will be fine with the game. I never hated MKDC…just no one would play and the online was one of the worst in gaming history.


Having a block button doesn’t bother me. And Free Fall is actually cool, makes the fights epic in a way.


The best way to fix Mortal Kombat is to play MK2 or UMK3 instead.


i want to change the control panel on a mortal kombat 2 cab to seimitsu parts is there a lot of milling involved? shouldnt this be in tech talk?